Pronunciation: /hae-mah/

hemaHema is a Dutch concern/warehouse that produces goods for Hema shops only. Since a few years, they’ve started providing services as well, such as kinds of online courses. Hema is mostly famous for their special sausage, though, the “smoked sausage”, and their sweet treat called “tompouce” (imagine lots of cream stuck between two thin layers of sugared pastry – picture). They also had their very own musical, which was lovingly called “Hema’s Worst Musical Ever” (the pun is that worst is Dutch for sausage…).

Hema is one of my favourite stores ever. Not only do they sell honest products, but their make-up is fantastic, cheap and not tested on animals (and that was even looooong before the new European law that prevents animal testing for cosmetics). Since a few years, they’ve added on line courses to their offer, ranging from language to business courses, and called this the “Hema Academy”.

To be honest, I’d never heard of the Hema Academy, until a few weeks ago when I saw someone sharing a post about the Hema Blog Academy. One of my favourite shops was looking for bloggers, all kinds, to come over to their headquarters and be taught all the ins and outs of blogging by professional bloggers. So who was I not to try to get in? The only thing I needed to do was sign up and wait.

I never in a million years thought I’d be selected, because I never win anything in my life (except for an olive tree once), but still I got in! So tomorrow I’m off to Amsterdam (hate that city), to listen to bloggers who actually make a living off their stories, ask them hundreds of questions, practice my newly adopted blogging skills and feast on Hema snacks and tompouces (yuck! I know it made them famous, but I’d rather get free make-up instead).

But I’m excited! And a little scared… I do hate Amsterdam and since I live nowhere near there (yes, there are more cities in the Netherlands than Amsterdam) I don’t know my way around there. Sure, I’ve got a map (I feel like such a nerd, haha) and a description of how to get there. Sure, the train stops at the station and from there I must be able to find it easily. But we’re talking about me, someone who managed to get lost in a little town that consisted of 6 streets… So I could easily get lost in a city that’s a zillion times bigger.

I’m stupid, you know that? I can travel halfway around the world and be totally fine there, but when I have to travel to my own country’s capital city, I get nervous. Idiot me.

Well, I’ve got no other choice but to travel a long way – I just don’t live any closer to it. I’m so happy I got picked (they only invited 1,000 people) and I’ll be sure to return home a little wiser than I am now. Plus, there’s free food and drinks, and loads of other people that blog. I just hope it won’t turn out to be a disappointment. It shouldn’t be, because I was lucky to be even able to go. Usually I have to work on Wednesdays, but coincidentally when I asked my boss for a day off she told me it wasn’t necessary because the woman I would be cleaning for tomorrow cancelled for this week.

And I need some tips, advice and wisdom. I’ve struggled with writer’s block since… forever, and my blog isn’t exactly exciting. So. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a good time tomorrow. And if it won’t be good, then at least I’ll get to say I visited Hema’s Worst Academy Ever (just to make a nice contrast – I’ve never seen the musical).


Status Update

One blog’s death, is another blog’s new beginning

Okay, so I *think* I have this figured out to the extent where I can work with WordPress and not hate it after 5 minutes like I always did in the past. My old website/blog was turning into a disaster because of lack of archive space and the constant loading problems of the pages. It was getting ridiculous and highly irritating having to refresh everything at least once before it worked.

So let’s hope WP won’t give me the same problems.

And if this post actually shows up on my custom menu-ed homepage, I shall be one happy Sam tonight and actually be able to get a good night’s sleep for a change 🙂

Fingers crossed!