When on a train heading towards an important meeting, never, ever think the following:

“I hope my train and buses won’t be delayed so I’ll make it there right on time. If I do have to be delayed, I hope it’s on the way home. In fact, I never really mind being delayed going home, since I’m never in a rush to get back, really.”

Thinking this will lead to the following:
– You will be delayed on the way home
– It will take you three times longer than usual to get back
– You will be exhausted (and very, very cranky – although, of course, you can’t ever admit this since you said you wouldn’t mind a delay…)
– And you will want to slap yourself for thinking this (and wish you hadn’t. Both the slapping and the thinking)

Sometimes I think the Universe hates me. Or at least hears me and has a very wicked sense of humour.
I hope, very much, that the Universe will spare me tomorrow on my birthday. Not spear, but spare. Please don’t mix them up, Universe? Thank you 🙂

Heart to Post

Just… thinking

Why do dogs always look so incredibly stupid when they’re pooping? Or do we humans look evenly stupid, but we just don’t realize since we never watch each other when we’re on the toilet?

God, I need better things to do than notice dogs doing their business.

Status Update

Halfway down…

October is already halfway gone. I’m always happy when this month hits the present, because it’s my birthday-month! And since my birthday is on Halloween (no joke) I get a WHOLE month of feeling the “this-is-my-month”-thing.

Yeah I am kind of weird.

Anyway, I have been busy writing, but not for this blog. I also have a blog I use for travelling purposes, meaning that when I go on a holiday or trip that lasts longer than a week and is special in one way or another (e.g. flying off to China to feed panda’s or going to Ireland for 3 months to spice up my English), I use this blog to keep the folks at home informed. And happy. Because they like hearing from me so they know I’m OK and alive and all.

A good 1,5 week ago I returned from an 11-day trip to and through the northern parts of Norway and it was amazing! My cousin and her business partner are the founders of the travel company (and also the guides, by the way) so it was extra cool travelling with her! I promised I’d write an article about this trip and *try* to get this published by a magazine, so she’d get more publicity and, hopefully, more customers.

And this is the thing that’s kept me busy. So you see, I have been writing, just for other purposes.

Plus, I’ve started to dislike this blog’s layout, but making a new one takes sooooo much time, and I have other things that need my attention more urgently. Ah well.

For the people that can understand Dutch and would like to read my travel stories, go here. My cousin’s travel company specializes in trips to Norway, mostly to see the northern lights, but also to experience and discover this beautiful Scandinavian country in a completely new and unique way. The company is called Fru Amundsen and this link will take you to their website.

Sorry for not posting for such a while! Not that anyone reads this, but still. I should get some more stories up, even if it’s just to keep on writing for myself 🙂