Pronunciation: /pyoos/

puceApart from being one of the best words I’ve come across this week (when watching a horrifying bad horror movie), it merely indicates something has a purple-brownish colour (although if you ask me, I think these shoes are more red-like than purple-brown).

Often I have no idea what to write about, which is the reason I lack to add as many entries as I’d like to this blog. So I decided to give my brains a free pass on coming up with ideas, as long as it means I can stick to my original idea of writing about words, like a dictionary (although most of the times I just get crazy random ideas that pop into my head, such as thinking about pooping dogs or how old Barbie is…).
What happens a lot too, is that when watching TV series or movies in English, I pick up new words that have a nice ring to them. Words I didn’t know before, but stick with me like sugar to teeth. So I decided to focus on those words and incorporate them into my blog when lack of imagination strikes me again.

Puce is such a word. It sounds like puke (which I guess is the reason they kept brining it up in the movie – as a meager attempt to add humour to the otherwise relatively boring film), but it’s… nicer in a way. Puce. Puuuuuuce. I like it. In fact, I like to imagine it’d be great introducing ‘puce’ as a new word of fashion. To ‘puce’ up things instead of sprucing them up, or to use it in conversation: ‘Did you see his shoes? They’re SO puce!’.

It’s never going to work, though, but still. A girl can dream. And totally imagine teenage girls picking it up without knowing the true meaning of the word. That’d be sweet! I mean, puce!

The movie that taught me puce is ‘Fright Night’, by the way. Not the original (although that one’s still on my list to watch), but the 2011 remake. I honestly don’t know why Hollywood keeps remaking classics (news that was scarier than any scary movie I’ve ever seen was when I read they’re redoing ‘Dirty Dancing’! Seriously, hands off the classic stuff!), because more than often the original is still better. Even if it’s just because of the nostalgic, romantic, almost cosy feeling you get when watching a film that’s older than yourself. No new version (read: newly added special effects) can give you that experience.

Besides, ancient or not, Freddy Krueger still know how to scare me witless sometimes O.o

In a way ‘Fright Night’ isn’t so bad, though. Okay, the beginning was fairly boring, but that changed when they introduced the Vincent the vampire slayer-character. He was great! And I was quietly surprised (and a little taken aback) when the plot took a bad turn for one of the leading characters, only to be very disappointed to see they switched that around for the better in the end… Boo!
Oh, and I’m not a big fan of Colin Farrell, I think he looks creepy. So I suppose he’s well cast as a vampire…

But what impressed me most about this film were the shoes of the young hero. They looked great, fitted him well, served him fantastically throughout the entire movie. And best of all, they were the real thing. They were puce!

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