Pronunciation: /puh-thet-ik/

 pathetic“Anyone who thinks they’re important is usually just a pompous moron who can’t deal with his or her own pathetic insignificance and fact that what they do is meaningless and inconsequential”William Thomas

It took me 27 years to accept that I am not as ugly, dumb, meaningless or pathetic my bullies in high school made me believe I was. It took me 27 years to realize I am actually pretty beautiful, smart, kind and funny. I am a decent person and I like to think I am respectful towards others, as long as they respect me, too.

Which is not what the two pathetic idiots did last night during Body Pump.

Quick info:
Body Pump is a group class where you do several sadistic fitness movements using weights, to gain a God-like body and more stamina (after being sore and unable to walk for a few days). You name it, we do it. Squats, lunges, presses, push-ups, crunches… The list goes on and on and on and…

Even though Body Pump has been around for a bit now, it’s only been a few months since me and my mother joined classes. And every week new people join (and others run home screaming, never showing their faces again).
Yesterday there were several new people, but the most annoying ones were standing right in front of me.
Don’t get me wrong, I know how hard Body Pump can be. Especially when it’s your first lesson and you have no idea what the teacher is shouting about. I’ve been there. But at least I didn’t decide it was cool to sit down for the bigger part of the lesson, only because my butt was sore from doing so many squats and I desperately wanted to check my cell phone and have a chat with my friend. No wonder they were such lazy bums, they probably don’t ever work their bums!

It annoys me beyond anything when people just give up and sit down rather than take a break and keep trying. Because usually what happens is that these lazy people are the ones complaining the loudest about being too fat (although, in all honestly, neither of the women yesterday were).
But I respect that everyone is different and that even if I have an “I’m no quitter!”-attitude, someone else might feel different. Which is okay.

What is NOT okay is when the quitters sit down on their lazy butts and mock the Body Pump movements for looking “ridiculous”. It’s even LESS okay when they repeat this process, adding soft laughing, nods and pointing their fingers at people, during the cooling down, because the others look “pathetic! Did you see her keeping her eyes closed?”.

They were (also) laughing at me, since I close my eyes indeed during the floor exercises, because the lighting in the gym is horrendous and it’s either doing that or going blind.

Normally, I would have gotten a bit nervous of these kind of people with these kind of remarks. I would have felt as if all eyes were pointed at me and everyone in the room was looking (and laughing) at me. I would have started to grow afraid of going to Body Pump, too scared of doing something wrong and being laughed at again. But not any more.

It took me 27 years, but now I know I’m not the one that’s pathetic. They are. Not only for laughing at us while failing the exercises miserably themselves, but also for thinking I was being nice, handing them one of my blue weights to use while squatting (one blue weight equals two green weights, which is what the main idiot was holding). I wasn’t being nice. I was merely planning ahead. Because giving her that weight meant less weights for me to put away after class, and more for her.

Even with all her superiority, she fell for that. Pathetic.

4 thoughts on “Pathetic”

  1. I blame my parents for giving me a good upbringing. (Just kidding – although sometimes I wish I wasn’t so polite all the time)


  2. It’s always easier said than done. Sensitive people pay higher price for this tendency.

    The irony is, we often tend to overthink the impact of our behavior on others, but in fact, most people care about others for less than about themselves. So sometimes a bit thick skin is not only necessary, but also brings our feelings/thinking closer to reality.

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