Pronunciation: /hohrd-uh r/

 hoarder“We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing”Billy Graham

Well, this is new. I thought the only things I actively collect were money (who doesn’t) and panda related items (because I’m obsessed). Turns out I am far weirder than I realized, because I keep catching myself writing down words EVERYWHERE! Whenever I watch TV or read a book and come across a word that I think has a nice ring to it, I quickly write it down.
I should get up first, get one of my notebooks and then add my new treasure to an existing and ever increasing list, but I don’t. I just grab a piece of paper, sometimes even my bookmark if I have one in use at the time, and start jotting things down.

The photo on top of this post is just the tip of the iceberg; there’s far more papers lying around the house with words scribbled on them. It’s ridiculous, really.

I am not sure why I do this, but it has made me realize two things:

  1. I am losing my iron grip on myself, since I used to be beyond tidied up. I mean, I am the girl that keeps all important papers together, organized by sender, importance and date. Work papers go with work papers, insurance papers by insurance papers, etcetera. I have a special folder for every category. Moreover, I keep smaller folders together in a special file binder (and yes, sometimes it even drives me insane – but fact is, whenever I need something, I have it found within seconds).
    Frantically scribbling down words on random pieces of paper and leaving them everywhere around my home is not like me at all. Nor is writing the same word down twice! I am losing my touch 😦 This is turning into pure chaos!
    Yes, I have copied some words into my work-book and yes, I do have two separate notebooks (the black one is for books or stories I gather words from and the other one is for all other sources), so I am still neurotic old me, but there’s many more scraps of paper to be found all over this place. It’s like I am the Easter Bunny, but instead of hiding eggs I hide words…
  2. I really am a dictionary. Why else would I come up with such a silly hobby such as collecting words, for crying out loud? Why don’t I go out and do what normal people do instead? There must be something wrong with me, because I can get really happy and excited when I find another interesting word. IT’S A WORD! It’s not even tangible, it’s just… something you can read, write, say or hear. You can’t hold it.
    But I can’t stop myself! And then I just think: what’s the harm in being a word-addict? I’m not hurting anyone with it, it’s not harming me or anyone else in any way. Heck, I’d rather be a human dictionary than a drug addict, or a 24/7 gamer, or someone who can’t stop eating chocolate. Oh wait… never mind about that one.

I always thought my father was the hoarder of the family, since he keeps literally everything in our attic. I’m not sure if he’s ever discussed it with my mother, but I assume these things are never talked about, they just happen. Slowly, steadily, our attic started to be cluttered up. In fact, it’s stuffed to its limit and I’m amazed my dad can actually move around in there!
I don’t mind he hoards so much useless crap, I really don’t. Because one of my secret fantasies is being on a TV show such as Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, where they match someone with a cleaning OCD (that’d be me!) to someone who hoards (that’d be my dad… I know, it’s very unlikely, but we are related). So in my head I have this image of me hiring a huge container, putting on some cleaning gloves, and then turning the whole attic upside down!! Just getting rid of all the crap. Throwing out all the junk items we don’t need or no longer use. Maybe sell a thing or two. And then clean the whole space from top to bottom.

Even writing about it makes my fingers itch and my spirit ache to get started!

Oh man, I really am strange. If I’m not daydreaming about de-cluttering my father’s attic, I am on the lookout for new words to add to my lists.

Well, at least collecting words doesn’t use up a lot of space. It only uses a fraction of my computer’s memory. And a few pens and notebooks here and there. So I guess I am safe, I’m not going to turn into an old-fashioned seen-on-TV-kind of hoarder. Na ah, not me. Just a few words written down. There’s no harm in that.

But just in case, maybe I should start stocking up on pens and notebooks. You know, for future usage 😉

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