Ice Queen

Pronunciation: /ahys/ /kween/

 “Every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer”Queen Latifah

I don’t like Frozen. I don’t like how everyone keeps talking about it as if it’s the best movie Disney’s ever released. I don’t like how all kids are now (apparently) Elsa and Anna-fans, and run around wearing Frozen-items all day long (and even dress up as the princesses for no good reason). And I sure as heck don’t like the fact that its music is better selling than any previous Disney-movie, including The Lion King (and I liked that one very much).

I do like Let It Go. Why? Because I could never sing it, not even if I’d live to be 100 and would start taking singing classes right now up until I was dead. The song has been following me around ever since I saw Frozen, it’s even found me yesterday evening when I was taking a test-class of SH’BAM. Yes, EVEN during a chaotic-yet-super-fun-I-couldn’t-keep-up-with-it-and-I-thought-I-was-going-to-die-before-the-lesson-was-over-dance class, they played Let It Go (remixed, but still).
So when I got back home I looked the original up on You Tube and that’s when I finally understood why I don’t like Frozen (apart from its terrible story line): it’s as if I am looking at myself. And I never liked looking at myself.

I am Elsa. Well, not really, of course. I am not a 3D animated character (although I am blonde and just as cool as Elsa – pun intended), or Nordic, and I can’t sing two notes (nor do I shoot ice from my fingertips), but I am an ice queen.
The whole story is about me! I never let anyone in, because I am afraid they’ll hurt me. So I shut them out. I pretend I don’t have feelings, because that’s easier than having to stick up for myself. I’d rather run away and live in my self-built ice fortress than face my fears. And just like Elsa, I don’t have a prince (although I don’t have a talking snowman either, but let’s not go there).
Although I don’t have the skills to summon a huge ice monster to guard my palace, I do intend to have my own place someday and have it guarded by several vicious geese. That’s right. Geese. Are you laughing now? That’s fine, underestimate my geese all you want. Just wait until you try to break into my home, we’ll see who’s laughing then, muahaha (“Don’t let them in…”).

I swear they’re aggressive feathered bastards! Anyway, moving on.

If I accept the fact I am an ice queen, it would probably explain why I like to travel to cold countries especially; “The cold never bothered me anyway”, right? Well, it kind of does, but I just like to visit desolate places, countries, areas nobody really wants to go to. Because doing something not so ordinary is what I like. Who cares about following others around and trying to see if your feet fit in their footsteps? I like making my own plans and yes, I do feel the most beautiful places on Earth are the most silent, underestimated ones.
Plus, I can dress up for cold weather, but there are only so many items you can take off before you’re stark naked, and even that won’t help you cool off when it’s super hot outside. Just saying.

I visited Norway last year and it was beautiful. They say the fjords inspired the makers of Frozen, and I truly believe it. The colours of the trolls in the movie, for instance, are exactly the same as the grey stones and the green mosses I spotted during my trip. So not only is the darn movie about my life, I also took a step onto the original setting of the film! While trying to escape my boring life, I ended up visiting the real life set of my 3D alter ego Elsa (“Don’t let them know…”).

Now the spring is setting in and the weather is taking a turn for the better. The sun is coming out on a daily basis, and even though it’s often accompanied by a chill breeze, the world around me is coming back to life. Maybe it’s time for the new me (yes, I am still on that road) to let the rays of the sun melt my frozen heart. Who knows what will happen if the ice queen in me would just… I don’t know: let it go?

(“Well, now they know!”)

2 thoughts on “Ice Queen”

  1. “why I like to travel to cold countries”:
    —a winter trip to Canada will certainly qualify:)

    ” I never let anyone in, because I am afraid they’ll hurt me. So I shut them out. I pretend I don’t have feelings, because that’s easier than having to stick up for myself. I’d rather run away and live in my self-built ice fortress than face my fears.”

    —I guess our childhood experiences, especially unhappy ones, have a lasting impact on us. In my case, I moved in the early age from the countryside to the city, and did not fit in the new school. That wound left its scar: I never develop the sense of belonging to the city. Soccer is No. 1 thing in town, but I have never had any emotional up or down for the team, although others have their feelings synced with the soccer team.

    —By the way, it seems you are really haunted by geese 🙂

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    1. First of all, I know nobody believes me, but trust me: geese ARE scary! They are super aggressive, especially when they have kids. They make hissing noises, you know! And then they open their beaks and chase you around. As enemies they are cruel, but as defenders, they are undefeated. Better than dogs, I’ve been told.

      Now that’s settled: I have every intention of making my trip to Canada a cold one; I didn’t buy a super mega expensive heat-reflecting winter coat for nothing (and our winter isn’t going anywhere, with temperatures not unlike spring). No snow in sight for the near future, either (which is just as well, since I hate having to drive through it).
      Cities are overrated (I suddenly realise I’m replying in a very strange order… hm). If I visit Amsterdam I’m considered a farmer (dumb, naive, silly), because of my southern accent (we have accents in the Netherlands, too! We also have more cities than Amsterdam, but most people don’t know about that. It’s our best kept secret ;)). Ah well, it was hell, but looking back now, I wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I’m fine being the misfit. It’s actually kind of fun 🙂


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