Status Update

Wishmasters And More

Wishmaster in his infant-form
Wishmaster II: Evil Never Dies started off hilariously with the awakening of the Djinn :’) They don’t make movies like these any more 😦

In essence, Wishmaster is the perfect guy: he’s got a great sense of humour and always does what he says he will. Too bad for him he keeps falling for the wrong girls.

So my lazy day consisted of doing some basic chores, reading a lot (I bought three new books but I won’t allow myself to start a new one until I’ve finally finished The Count Of Monte Cristo – I know it’s taking me ages, but it’s nearly 900 pages and I am a busy woman). And finally, I decided to cosy up in bed with my laptop and watch Wishmaster II: Evil Never Dies. Great movie, hilarious acting and superb one-liners. A must see for all stressed-out people who can use a little distraction (while at it, go see part one, too. Equally hilarious).

My stress level has degraded some bit, but unfortunately it’s not cured in a single (lazy) day. But my new daily regime includes simple breathing techniques and visualisations of positivity entering my mind (as well as peace and quiet) and so far it seems to work. Can’t really tell because I’ve only been doing it for two days. But hey, if I get my counting-out-loud-while-pretending-to-be-an-instructor right at next Monday’s Body Pump class, I’ll know it works. Although I suspect a miracle has to happen before I am able to transmit my tranquillity and serenity through that microphone, haha.

But that’s for Monday. And there’s an entire weekend ahead of that. It’ll be fine. Just breathe in, breathe out. And watch some bad movies while at it.

This is my way of trying to relax. What’s yours? Any tricks or tips on how to cut back on stress?

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