Bizarre, Part Two (aka The Day I Got Invited To The Wrong Job Interview)

Pronunciation: /bih-zahr/

bizarre2 “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”Aristotle

My future career is doomed. Either that, or it’s non-existent. Whichever it is, truth is this part of my life is, and probably always will be, bizarre.

Yesterday was a work day for me (I’m off at Tuesdays and Thursdays), and just before I left I received a phone call from someone who had seen my CV and profile on Monsterboard. She asked if I was interested in a job as a Costumer Representative for a health care insurance company, but I kindly declined. The agency she referred to happened to be the one we were at war with when my mum had cancer. I know I probably cannot permit to be picky when it comes to a job, but I wouldn’t want to be found dead at that company, let alone work for them.

Besides, I am convinced if anyone there would read my last name on a job application form they’d turn me down immediately.

Anyway, the recruiter said she understood and asked if it was okay to call me back if she found something else. Of course I said yes, never for a second thinking I’d ever hear from her again.

But she did call back. This new job opening she talked about was for a similar position as the one I had declined earlier, but with another company so I said I was interested, although I couldn’t discuss details with her because I was with a client. The recruiter offered to phone me back today, and this morning we had a lovely chat, in which she explained the details of the job and signed me up for an interview with the company. Which, funny enough, was also located in Tilburg, just like the one from the other Bizarre post (maybe it is a sign?).

As usual I was sent a confirmation email with details about the location of my interview, what I should bring, and some additional information about some sort of test I was supposed to take beforehand.

Everything seemed fine, except that according to the email I wasn’t scheduled in for a meeting in Tilburg with the good company, but with the bad health insurance company I wouldn’t want to be found dead at, and in a completely different city!

Turns out we had a little miscommunication (and a little mix-up). The recruiter had chatted to me with the bad company in mind, while I had thought she was talking about the good company.

I guess this day was just too blonde to handle.

In the end, it got sorted out.
But unfortunately I cannot make it to any of the three starting dates the good company has set to prep their new employees, so again no progress on the job hunt-part of my life.

Slightly bummed out at first, I realised I was actually sort of relieved later, because in the end it’s not what I see myself do anyway. It’s not my passion.

I still want to travel and write. In fact I long to do that. But mostly I want to help people who need it most.
If today has taught me anything, it is that I need to stop searching for a regular job, and start looking for a bizarre one. I honestly think that’s the way to go for me. Plus, I think the Universe agrees with that, what with all the strange job-related things happening and all…

And so another bizarre encounter turns into a wake-up call. Stop dreaming, start realising.

Point taken, Universe. Point taken.

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