Hilarious (aka The Day I Thought I’d Choke To Death From Laughter)

Pronunciation: /hi-lair-ee-uh s/

“Inappropriateness is funny to me. Rudeness is hilarious”Zach Galifianakis

My parents are away on a holiday and that means I am master of the TV remote!! 😀
I mean, of course I am always the master of the remote, but now more than ever. I flick through channels as if I was meant to do nothing else, and since I am a little peculiar I like to use my alone time to broaden my TV horizons by watching shows I normally don’t.

One of these shows is the Dutch documentary-type series From Russia With Love, which is all about Dutch men going to Russia/the Ukraine to (yep) find love. It’s terrible in all its aspects, and ever so intriguing because of that.

The type of men going there are mostly the same: a bit older, a bit more lonesome, and a bit more desperate. And also a bit more handicapped when it comes to speaking another language. Because let’s face it: the featured Russian ladies might not speak English very well, the Dutch men are even worse. And neither of the two groups speak each other’s native language, so they have to meet somewhere in the middle, using stone-cold English expressions and both hands and feet.

The clip I posted on top of this post features a scene from From Russia With Love. It’s about a man who’s on a date with a foreign beauty he wants to woo (I love that verb!). He’s desperate to impress her and after learning she has (and loves) horses, he asks her if she breeds horses as well.

What I meant was: he wants to ask her if she breeds horses. He kind of sort of very much fails at that.

You see, the Dutch verb for “to breed” is “fokken” (to fok).

I. Thought. I. Was. Going. To. Die!! :’)

I laughed so hard, tears sprang from my eyes and I nearly choked to death! It’s never a good idea to take a gulp of water just before something awkward happens, but then again: how can you tell?

I still get the giggle when I see the clip. You know what makes it so hilarious? Because it’s so misinterpreted, it’s so silly, it’s so not intended the way it comes out. It’s so innocent.

It’s so freaking hilarious!

“Do you fok the horses yourself, also?”

:’) Dear lord, I hope not!

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