Passion (aka How Being Smothered By An Anaconda Can Be Appealing To Some)

[noun: ~ Pronunciation: /pash-uh n/]

  • Definition: The strong will to attack a giant anaconda before it even spots you, then wrap it around your own neck yourself, let it squeeze you for a bit, only to gently peel it off again and set it free, all while greatly enjoying the experience

“Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age”James Joyce

Meet Freek Vonk. His first name is pronounced as “fake” with an extra r, and I think of him as the Dutch Steve Irwin. This YouTube video is an episode of his own tv-show, in which this field-biologist travels the world to find extraordinary animals, such as the anaconda (which he finds at 5:43 – and he always finds what he’s looking for!).

To be honest, his perpetual enthusiasm for every living creature he discovers gets quite annoying after a good ten minutes or so. Especially because Freek constantly has to state out loud how “great” and “awesome” everything is, even if he spots a baby snake SO small, I wouldn’t even see it if it bit me in the nose.

Also, I find it very hard to imagine your first impulse on seeing the world’s biggest snake is to fling yourself at it, grab it, and then fold it around your neck. Mine would be: RUNNN!!! But no, Freek never runs. At least not away from animals, he runs towards them.

Now I can’t help but wonder what he’d do if he saw a stampede coming up in the distance…  I must google this later to see if he’s tried that already.

All snakes and Freeks apart, I honestly wish I was a bit more like this man. Not because I’d like to hug a dangerous animal (although I once hugged a toddler panda, but they are the epiphany of cuteness so I guess that doesn’t count), but because I envy the passion he has for what he does. And if I lack anything, it is just that: passion.
Freek might be a bit strange, and his enthusiasm is beyond captivating for it is downright annoying, it is still overly clear he loves what he does. He’s obviously living his dream, something I wish I could say about myself.

I don’t know what I am passionate about. The job coach I hired last year made me take so many tests, and the results were always the same: I want to help people, I want to travel the world, and I want to write. I reckon doing something that involves this all would make me a happy woman, maybe just as excited as Freek the field-biologist. However, trying to put a label on something that combines these three things seems to be impossible, as is finding out to to get there from where I am now.

Some people say you don’t choose your own passion, it chooses you. So perhaps it’s best for me to just sit tight and await my destiny, even if I don’t feel passionate about anything in particular at this moment. Even if, in fact, I feel kind of lost.

Maybe Freek Vonk can come find me, wrap me around his neck and show me to the world, enthusiastically telling everyone how “great” and “awesome” I am.

On second thought, I’d rather not have him over. Imagine he brings a pet.

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