Remarkable (aka How WordPress Predicted My Future Seven Years Ago)

[adjective; ~ Pronunciation: /ri-mahr-kuh-buh l/]

  • Definition: The word best used to describe the feeling you get after you find out why you didn’t receive a WordPress Achievement Badge for being a member on their website for over a year. remarkable

    “You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve”Marc Benioff

Seven years ago I created a blog. I can’t remember the title of my first attempt of keeping an online diary, but it must have been something like “Sam’s Space.” Because even as a young adolescent I loved alliteration.

I remember creating a blog and never using it. I think all in all I logged in exactly once before deciding to quit. But when I tried to delete my account, WordPress stated the most remarkable thing (and this is from seven years ago, so goodness knows what they say nowadays):

It’s impossible to delete your account. Because even if you’re not using it right now, you will in the future and when you’re ready, you won’t have to create a new one.

(Please note I am paraphrasing. The real message may have been slightly different, but the statement was the same: it was impossible to delete my account as they expected I’d return sooner or later).

And so I left my blog-space for what it was, never thinking I’d ever visit here again. For about six years it was nothing but an empty piece of internet-wasteland. Nobody visited here, not even me, its creator.

Several attempts at blogging later, I gave it one last try on February the 15th, 2014. I started using a different web host, because I am stubborn and I like to prove people wrong. I also like to prove websites wrong. And I was determined never to come back to WordPress, even if the only reason was to show they had been wrong with their message (it’s the same with my tattoo: when I told the people at the parlour I didn’t intend to ever have more than one, they all laughed and said: “Yeah, that’s what they all say.” – Now I’m more determined than ever to show them they were wrong!).

But then another remarkable thing happened: I paid a visit to a blogger’s event. And the four guest speakers (all successful bloggers) were lyrical about WordPress, and they were promoting this blog-platform above all others they knew of.
With this in mind, the final step to come back here was easier than ever. Especially after I went home and got an error from my former host: I had attempted to add too many pages onto my website, which I wasn’t allowed to do until I’d paid too high a price for their crap hosting.

I figured that was a good moment to switch hosts.

And so, six years past due, I find myself envious of someone who received a WordPress badge for being here for a year. But only until I went to check my own account and realised that, officially, I’ve been here seven times that long.

No wonder they didn’t give me a one-year-badge: I am well on my way for a ten-year achievement! (Even if I’ve only been active for a year, but who cares).

WordPress told me I’d come back. And they sounded so convinced of it back then, it bordered on arrogance. But in the end, they were right. I am here now and I’m not going anywhere else.

Seven years ago WordPress predicted my blog-future and they were spot on. Now that’s quite remarkable, if you ask me.


12 thoughts on “Remarkable (aka How WordPress Predicted My Future Seven Years Ago)”

  1. I remember starting on Blogger.com and didn’t do so well there. It just seemed really hard to use. Then when I made my switch to WordPress, I’ve done so much better here and have been here for 3 and 1/2 years. So glad I switched!

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    1. Arrogance doesn’t look good on anyone :p But that was just the feeling they gave me seven years ago. And eventually they convinced me of them being a good host, so all’s well that ends well 🙂


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