Remarkable (aka How WordPress Predicted My Future Seven Years Ago)

[adjective; ~ Pronunciation: /ri-mahr-kuh-buh l/]

  • Definition: The word best used to describe the feeling you get after you find out why you didn’t receive a WordPress Achievement Badge for being a member on their website for over a year. remarkable

    “You must always be able to predict what’s next and then have the flexibility to evolve”Marc Benioff

Seven years ago I created a blog. I can’t remember the title of my first attempt of keeping an online diary, but it must have been something like “Sam’s Space.” Because even as a young adolescent I loved alliteration.

I remember creating a blog and never using it. I think all in all I logged in exactly once before deciding to quit. But when I tried to delete my account, WordPress stated the most remarkable thing (and this is from seven years ago, so goodness knows what they say nowadays):

It’s impossible to delete your account. Because even if you’re not using it right now, you will in the future and when you’re ready, you won’t have to create a new one.

(Please note I am paraphrasing. The real message may have been slightly different, but the statement was the same: it was impossible to delete my account as they expected I’d return sooner or later).

And so I left my blog-space for what it was, never thinking I’d ever visit here again. For about six years it was nothing but an empty piece of internet-wasteland. Nobody visited here, not even me, its creator.

Several attempts at blogging later, I gave it one last try on February the 15th, 2014. I started using a different web host, because I am stubborn and I like to prove people wrong. I also like to prove websites wrong. And I was determined never to come back to WordPress, even if the only reason was to show they had been wrong with their message (it’s the same with my tattoo: when I told the people at the parlour I didn’t intend to ever have more than one, they all laughed and said: “Yeah, that’s what they all say.” – Now I’m more determined than ever to show them they were wrong!).

But then another remarkable thing happened: I paid a visit to a blogger’s event. And the four guest speakers (all successful bloggers) were lyrical about WordPress, and they were promoting this blog-platform above all others they knew of.
With this in mind, the final step to come back here was easier than ever. Especially after I went home and got an error from my former host: I had attempted to add too many pages onto my website, which I wasn’t allowed to do until I’d paid too high a price for their crap hosting.

I figured that was a good moment to switch hosts.

And so, six years past due, I find myself envious of someone who received a WordPress badge for being here for a year. But only until I went to check my own account and realised that, officially, I’ve been here seven times that long.

No wonder they didn’t give me a one-year-badge: I am well on my way for a ten-year achievement! (Even if I’ve only been active for a year, but who cares).

WordPress told me I’d come back. And they sounded so convinced of it back then, it bordered on arrogance. But in the end, they were right. I am here now and I’m not going anywhere else.

Seven years ago WordPress predicted my blog-future and they were spot on. Now that’s quite remarkable, if you ask me.

12 thoughts on “Remarkable (aka How WordPress Predicted My Future Seven Years Ago)”

    1. Arrogance doesn’t look good on anyone :p But that was just the feeling they gave me seven years ago. And eventually they convinced me of them being a good host, so all’s well that ends well 🙂


  1. I remember starting on Blogger.com and didn’t do so well there. It just seemed really hard to use. Then when I made my switch to WordPress, I’ve done so much better here and have been here for 3 and 1/2 years. So glad I switched!

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