There comes a point in everyone’s life in which you have to choose between keeping your soul or selling it (to the highest bidder).


Diet Buns

If I keep up this “diet” of mine, I’ll never end up with buns of steel.

I’ll end up with buns of chocolate, probably.


Sunday Night Movie Night: Jeepers Creepers

Another Sunday night, another movie! Tonight the honour of being watched went to:

“That’s not my scarecrow!”

Synopsis: Another film in which a bunch of college students falls prey to a murdering maniac. This time the killer is rather otherworldly, meaning he’s immortal and can only be hurt but won’t ever die (no matter how many times you run him over). Besides, whatever body parts he ends up missing, he can just eat them back on by means of a strange diet. Also, he’s got a pretty great sense of smell, which he uses to target his victims (and also a vile tongue he often uses to taste his prey before ripping them apart), awesome claws, a set of wings and an amazingly great sense of humour. In essence, he’s the perfect man. Just too bad he’s got weird eating habits (and looks like a smelly, decomposing beast).

There’s songs I like and there’s songs I love. The latter category means that no matter how old the song in particular is, I could still listen to it every day and it would bring back lovely memories as well as some much needed motivation at times. In other words: favourite songs can do a lot for your state of mind.

The same goes for Mr. Creepers. He’s so attached to this one song he’s kind of even taken over its title as a name for himself. “Jeepers Creepers” is everywhere. On the radio, on an LP, and there’s a bunch of people singing it out loud throughout the movie as well. Maybe that’s where they went wrong, because obviously it arouses Mr. Creepers’ killer instinct instantly. Oops.

Anyway, I used to remember this was a stupid movie in the sense that there was one small thing, just one easy thing the main characters had to do in order to stay alive: keep on driving and don’t stop to check what the creepy dude in the old, brown truck that almost ran you over is doing with what looks like bloody body bags. Ah, memories.
I mean, seriously, if it were me, I wouldn’t go back to check on those presumed bodies. Because even it it hadn’t been dead people in those bags, the guy tossing them into a hole tried to run the brother and sister over. I say that’s more than enough reason to stay away from him as far as possible, and get him on the police’s radar.
Besides, I’d be too scared he’d kill me too, and just want to get the heck out of there ASAP. I’d keep on driving until I’d run out of gas, and try to contact the police or some other authority along the way so they could check on what the creep was doing (rather than me doing so).

In a way that’s what Trisha and Darvis do, too. But they’re too slow. Way too slow. But when Trish takes over the driving of their car, Darry complains she’s driving too fast. Talk about wanting to die.

Seriously, there’s a demon dude after you! He’s got superhuman strength and his car is mega-fast. I think you need all the speed you can get to make it to safety.

And when an unknown woman phones you and tells you things that are spot-on, yet she’s never met you, just assume she’s actually a good psychic for a change, and believe she’s got your best interest at heart. How else would she know where to find you or how to contact you, without ever having met you? Or why would she even bother to save you?
Sure, I’d have my doubts at first, too. But when she keeps on asking whether or not you’ve “seen the cats, yet” and you end up surrounded by cats, your alarm bells should go off instantly. And the only thing you’d want to do is run like hell. Not stand put and watch how the crazy cat lady gets torn to pieces.
Plus, by the time they receive the phone call from the clairvoyant, Darvis and Trisha have experienced so many weird things already, it’s hard to believe they won’t put their faith in someone with incredibly detailed visions of their future.

Now, I’m not entirely sure you could successfully outrun a demon, but I’d try nonetheless. In fact, I’d never let anyone talk me into turning my car around to stick my nose down a pipe hole, where a creepy dude who’s just tried to run my car off the road has been seen dumping blood-soaked body bags. Call me a wuss, but at least I’d be alive.

Two words that kept taking over my mind when watching this film were: GET. OUT. In capitals. Darry and Trisha missed so many cues to GET OUT, it seems only fair they end up in their predicament. The Universe can only do so much to save your butt. You’ve got to put in a little effort yourself, too. Otherwise you’ll just end up as food for the weak. Or food for the beast, in this case.

Well, at least Mr. Creepers makes good use of his meals. It’s not like he wastes a lot, he simply eats what he needs and then uses the rest as art. Call him what you want, but this man, err thing, is persistent, funny, strong, smart, original and creative! What’s not to like about him?

Oh right, his love for mutilating dead bodies and French-kissing police officers.

Ah well, what can I say? We all have our flaws 😉

Favourite scene:
There were so many funny moments in this movie, like when Darvis and Trisha are in their car, being followed by a set of policemen, to return to the scene where Darry found the dead bodies. Trisha turns on the car radio and “Jeepers Creepers” is being played. Her brother’s just received a phone call from the local psychic, in which she warned Darry that when he hears that song, he’s in grave danger. So Darry freaks out, starting a discussion with his stubborn sister, while in the background Mr. Creepers lands on the police car and starts molesting D&T’s “saviours” without the siblings noticing. Hilarious.

The best scene, however, is of course when Darry gets taken away by Mr. Creepers, who flies him off to this new scary basement, where he removes the young man’s eyes (for food) and begins the process of preserving the dead body (for art). It’s completely ludicrous, because in the end the monsters steps in behind Darry’s body and uses its face as a mask.
This means that instead of just poking his eyes out from the front, which would have been the easy way, Mr. Creepers decided to remove the entire back-side of Darry’s head, clean out all its contents (which couldn’t have been much – sorry!), and then get to the eyes. I’m not sure why exactly he went through all this extra trouble, but sure, sometimes doing it the hard way equals doing it the fun way.

"You think it's dead?" - "They never are!"
“You think it’s dead?” – “They never are!”


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