Gerbil Talk

Me (holding my two gerbils and talking to them as if they actually understand what I am saying): “No, you don’t get a food refill until your entire bowl is empty.”

Jamie & Loki: *wait until I am at work, then conveniently knock over their food bowl spilling the few remaining (I suspect not so tasty) bits*

My mum: *walks by the cage and sees the food bowl lying face down. She puts it back where it was, without adding food to it*

Me, after returning home: “Oh good, you ate everything!” *fills up food*

Well, I guess in a way everyone’s happy. But I wonder who’s smarter here… Until today I thought it was me.

Maybe I do speak gerbil. Or they do understand me and they just pretend they’re all cute and innocent.

Fuzzy little basterds! :3



Pronunciation: /dih-zas-truh s/

“Our business in life is not to succeed, but to continue to fail in good spirits”Robert Louis Stevenson

It happens to everyone every so often: waking up to a day that, from the moment you open your eyes until the second you close them to go back to sleep again, is disastrous in all ways possible. Yesterday was one of those days for me.

I woke up, and I hadn’t even overslept, but I was incredibly tired and I could barely get myself started up. So I sat eating breakfast for a bit too long, which resulted in me having to rush to get to my first client in time.
I say first, because as I was hastily grabbing my stuff to get on the road and get moving, I received a phone call from my supervisor. This usually means one thing, and I was right: an extra address!

Normally I don’t mind, because working extra hours means earning extra money. But yesterday I was so out of it, I could barely fake enthusiasm. That, and I had to get on the road to be at my client’s house in time!
My supervisor, who either lacks empathy or brain cells (or both), kept talking to me on the phone (please note that this is the same person that sends me my weekly schedules and who thus knew I had to be somewhere in less than half an hour). Usually she simply tells me I have another address to go to and gives me the details, but this time she thought it necessary to tell me all about the new people I’d visit. She never does that! I always find myself in the strangest of situations, with clients that have to update me about their lives and why they need help. I’ve learned to work with this, why suddenly change that when I am in a hurry?

So I did the unthinkable and cut my boss short. I’m normally not like this, but if I have to make a choice between stopping someone from jabbering or arriving late, it’s an easy decision. I absolutely hate being late!

After I hung up and finally got moving, of course all traffic lights gave me red (boo!). I got stuck in traffic as well, which I normally avoid by leaving early… Anyway, I managed to enter my client’s house as the church bells struck nine. Phew, crisis averted, right? Wrong!

I had promised my client I would wash his curtains and clean his downstairs windows on the inside. Guess what? The freaking curtains were too large to both fit in the washing machine at the same time! So I had to wash them one by one. And not only that, as I was drying the first one outside, the beautiful sun that had accompanied my frenzied car ride disappeared… Bastard!

That’s when I knew it would continue on being like that all day long. I had reached the point where I could no longer deny what was going on: I was having a Disastrous Day. Everything was bound to go terribly wrong. And I was terribly right.

The extra address sounded strangely familiar and when I drove up to the house I recognized the street. In fact, I had started this job by covering for someone who was pregnant, and one of my first ever clients lived in the house next door to this one!
Boosted by this finding I introduced myself to the owners of the house and the man gave me some time to eat my lunch as we asked each other some questions to get to know each other. I mentioned I had cleaned for his neighbour and that’s when he replied with: “Oh really? Yes, terribly thing. She died last week.”

I couldn’t finish my lunch after that. I knew she had health problems, but this… total shock. Unbelievable. She died and I didn’t even know. She’s just… gone. I can’t believe it. And I had even thought of going by after work to say hi…

Anyway, despite this bomb that was dropped on me, work still had to be done. After cleaning what I thought had to be the most terrifying shower drain ever (and I’ve seen quite a few, thank you very much. Why do my colleagues miss these things?), I had some cooking to do. It’s not standard, but it was part of the job description for these clients.
I don’t mind the work and I never complain (not even about the shower drains, haha), but it did mean I wasn’t able to leave until well past my working hours eventually (what with cooking and talking and serving the dishes it felt wrong to drop everything, claim my time was up and just run out). This meant I was exactly in time for another traffic jam! Great, just great.

Back home I was almost too tired to get up from the sofa, but I managed to come alive again just in time to go to Body Pump and take over one of the tracks. I was asked to become an instructor and the teacher of the Monday lessons is willing to take me under her wing. And while it’s fun being up there next to her and seeing the room from another point, I feel that if I want to learn how to teach myself I have to grab the bull by the horns and just do it. So out of the ten songs we use to train different muscle groups, I chose to “teach” the one with the back exercises.

I don’t know exactly what went wrong, but I blame it on my Disastrous Day.

My microphone was being weird and I wasn’t loud enough. Or maybe it was just me, I don’t know. Probably both.
I wasn’t really nervous until my track came up and I actually put on the head mic and felt seventeen pairs of eyes staring at me. It was worsened when my teacher switched on the music…

Somehow I made it through without making too many mistakes. And some lovely people even applauded me. But it wasn’t my best and that’s what bothers me! Even afterwards, when my teacher took over the rest of the exercises again, my barbel felt like lead. And I didn’t increase my weights, I was just too darn tired.

But that’s life: just when you think your disaster day is over, it gets worse! My mother has gotten herself another case of the flu and has spread it around happily. So now my throat hurts, my eyes feel as if they’re full of sand and my ears are playing up. And my muscles ache (although that’s probably partly due to my workouts). Thank you, mother, for finishing my Disastrous Day in style.

Now, to answer Nickelback’s question: I don’t know what I am waiting for.
I remember standing in Body Pump class and there was a new teacher. I remember him complimenting me and telling me that if I’d like to become an instructor, too, I should ask the gym holder. I remember thinking: if the gym holder wants me to become an instructor, he’s going to have to ask me himself. I remember the gym holder himself asking me if I was interested in teaching Body Pump. I also remember saying yes.

So what am I waiting for? I have no idea. A sign that this is the way to go? I think the Universe is okay with me trying this out. Heh, I basically asked for it and I got it.
Am I asking for more confidence? I’m not sure. Someone told me there were a few nasty remarks given by some girls in the back when I was doing my thing. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me. I now know it’s not as easy as it looks, so if they think they can do better let them try.
And I asking for a better day? Disastrous days come and go. Sometimes your day is sh*t, sometimes it’s great. Today was better (although I am still tired and a little under the weather – thanks mom!). The best thing to do is as Mr. Stevenson said: keep failing in good spirits.

But if tomorrow morning, when I am about to leave, my boss calls me again to tell me I have an extra address, I cannot guarantee my spirits will be so good.

Heart to Post

The Seeds Of Your Life

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant”Robert Louis Stevenson

Status Update

Every Cloud Has Its Purple Lining

2015 has been a terrible year: it’s started off horribly and so far it hasn’t gotten much better (for me personally, at least. Although when I think of all the disasters that have happened globally, I’d say I’m not the only one who feels this way about this annum).

Anyway, miracles do happen and they come around when you least expect it! It’s the little things in life that mean the most, right?
Well, take this: after being in Dublin for three months in 2013, I gained a whooping five kilograms (which is about eleven pounds) because of eating all the delicious food my host mother cooked for me daily (ohh! So yummy!).
The kilo’s didn’t even bother me that much – it’s not as if I needed to lose weight. But the fact that they were there and were pretty useless made me try to get them off.

I never thought I’d be able to do that (I like chocolate way too much to really diet), but the last few weeks something strange has happened: my pair of work pants seem to be wider than normal and I have to pull them up every two minutes or so. My shorts, the same ones that were too tight on me last year, can now be closed easily and then there’s still room left. My pair of super tight I-was-sorry-I-asked-my-mum-to-tighten-them-for-me-because-afterwards-I-thought-I’d-never-fit-into-them-pants fit! Not only do they fit, I can move in them and they’re still comfortable!

But the real miracle happened when I accidentally laid eyes on my 2013 Halloween dress, safely stored away on a hanger:

I bought it when I was in Ireland and it never fit me. Not even when I was in the store trying it on. But, thinking it was for one night only and it wasn’t expensive, I didn’t mind that the zip couldn’t be closed. That minor flaw was easily covered up, anyway.

However, bearing in mind the strange happenings with the shorts and the trousers, I thought it would be funny to try my Rapunzel dress on again. I was convinced it wouldn’t close.

It. Fit.

It’s not just that the zip closed all the way up, but it fit me perfectly. Perfectly.
I know it’s silly, but I haven’t felt this good about myself and my body since… well, forever! So even if my life is quite crap at this moment, and even if this year has brought nothing but drama so far, at least I fit into this gorgeous dress. And it makes me feel so happy thinking about how my body is changing and how I am learning to appreciate it more!

I have no idea when I could wear this it in public, by the way, but still. It fits. That’s all that matters.

So people: miracles DO happen! Sometimes we have to help them out a little, maybe, but even if you feel like nothing is going right: keep looking. Because no matter how dark your horizons are, remember that every cloud has its silver purple lining.


Still Waters

I figured it out!

The reason why I stand motionless while people insult me is not because I don’t know what to say. It’s because my mind is too occupied with thinking of ways to get back at you or listing reasons as to why you are pathetic and not me.

So go on. Give it your best shot. But you’ll never bring me down. Never.

You just don’t have what it takes.