Blue Monday (aka Blue Tuesdays Are Worse)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /bloo/ /muhn-dee/]

    • Definition: The third Monday of each January, also known as the most depressing day worldwide since on this day most people realise their New Year’s resolutions didn’t quite work out (again), and they forget they have about 48 more weeks left to pick them up/try again. For those skipping this day of international gloom, there’s always Blue Tuesday, hidden in the grass like a snake, waiting to bite you in the butt. Blue Tuesdays are worse than their Monday counterparts, because nobody believes in their existence (yet), but they attack just when you think the worst is over.

blue_monday“Monday is great if I can spend it in bed. I’m a man of simple pleasures, really” – Arthur Darvill

There it is, right in front you you. Monday, in blue ^. Apparently it’s a global happening and we’re all supposed to be depressed for not sticking to our New Year’s resolutions. Which is why I never do resolutions: to skip this doomed day of international grief.

And I skipped it, alright.

Now, I wanted to blog about resolutions, failing them, and realising you have tons of time left to make something of them before the year is over. But then I had to go to a job interview. Or, as they tried to fool me, a “chat to get to know each other, nothing else.”

You know it’s anything but that the second the words are out.

I knew I was going to mess up, because I don’t do well in interviews. I tend to get so very very extraordinarily uncomfortable around people talking down on me while deciding whether or not they like me (and want to pay me to work for them), it’s no surprise I wasn’t hired for any of the many interviews I had last year. Darn nerves!

To be fair: I wasn’t at my worst today, but I wasn’t at my best either. But even if I had been, the results would have been the same: it’s over. My Body Pump adventure stops when the new folks take over.

Which leaves me sad and gloomy, despite now having all the time in the world to work on my goals (read: hidden resolutions) for 2016. For this reason, I’ve decided to let go of Blue Mondays and introduce Blue Tuesdays instead:

It already looks more depressing than the Monday version, doesn’t it? That’s because IT IS more depressing!

Here’s what happened: I went in, they chatted themselves up (and their company – why can’t people just stick to lining out what their business is all about? Why does it always have to be the Best Business On Earth?), and then they talked a little bit about me. Well, they asked me some questions, which I answered in all honesty, and then they commented on my responses in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

Then they asked me if I could show them how I teach a class by giving them a short, private lesson (sort of). I genuinely don’t care if I have to do this for two strangers or ten, so I did (lucky for them I accidentally brought my CD). In fact, I was happier doing my “thing” than sitting down being judged. This way, at least I had some fun, too.

In the end, we sat down again and it all came down to three options:

  1. They hire me and pay for my course to become a licensed instructor, as long as I work for them afterwards and set out to fill my own classes to the max (here I imagined standing on a street corner handing out flyers and begging people to come visit my class – How’s that my job? I thought that’s what they have PR departments for!). I’ll get paid minimum wages (probably less), due to being inexperienced.
  2. I become a freelancer and pay for my own course and additional stuff. I’ll have to set my own wages and get gym holders to hire me (Fun Fact: when they explained this option to me, they couldn’t resist but tell me “you might think you’ve been at it for a while now, but you’re only just starting so don’t expect to get paid a high salary for your services” – Ouch! This is also what they basically said when talking me through option 1…)
  3. I stop being an instructor.

So there you have it. They will phone me next week to turn me down (I can’t imagine being hired if they think I’m as bad as they made me feel :p), which is fine. Next week Blue Tuesday‘s over but I’ll still remember what the boss lady said: “you no longer have to be part of a gym to get your licence as a Body Pump instructor.”

I’m not sure if I want to follow down this path of becoming a full-fledged instructor, but if I do, here’s what got my attacked-by-BlueTuesday-sad-spirits lifted:

Body Pump is being taught all over the world.

One of my goals for this year is to move to another country. Add one to one and what do you get? An uplifted Sam with renewed determination to make something of her goals for this year.

Blue Mondays and Tuesdays – hah!

How are your resolutions coming along?

18 thoughts on “Blue Monday (aka Blue Tuesdays Are Worse)”

  1. I know it’s easy for me to say, but you really should try not to feel too bad about it since it sounds as though they were just trying to get you as cheaply as possible. Even if you had gone in and wowed them with a performance that clearly showed you were the god of body pump instruction, I think they would still have sucked in their breath, shook their heads sadly, and spoke about your lack of experience.

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    1. You know what, my client of today said the exact same thing šŸ˜‰ But it’s all good, all things come to an end. Just as well, it means we get to start a new adventure šŸ™‚ Thanks, Bun!

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  2. aww… don’t worry you will get the right job at the right time. I don’t make new year resolutions! I have never made them! Don’t know if I should!! Wonderful writing by the way

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    1. Thanks! I never give up, the reason why I was a bit upset yesterday had more to do with how they treated me than about losing my job šŸ™‚ Resolutions are overrated, don’t worry! I usually make a list of things I’d like to accomplish, but if they don’t work out it doesn’t mean I’m upset. And why better yourself at the start of the year? It makes no sense to wait til then when you can resolve all year around.

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      1. well if people make someone feel bad then it shows who and how they are and it doesn’t say much about you, ain’t that right? Actions speak louder then words! šŸ™‚ I wish you all the luck dear, you rock! šŸ™‚

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  3. If you are in a life changing mood, you should read the four hour work week by Timothy ferriss. All about work combining with travelin the world etc. Game changer. And there is a Ted talk about body language and job interviews with excellent practical tips. It’s by a woman, I think you should be able to find it on Ted.com
    Good luck! šŸ˜‰

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  4. I’ve always thought that Tuesdays were way worse than Mondays. Usually Mondays are quiet because most other people are just tired from the weekend. So no one is doing much. But Tuesdays mean the week finally starts and everyone has to start getting things done or else they will be lost for the week, so that starts causing others to do work.

    I guess not getting that job means you can go to another country and maybe that will be fun. Who knows? Have you thought about where you would like to work?

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    1. I knew I wasn’t the only one who held a grudge against Tuesdays!
      I have thought about where to go, I have decided I’ll go on a holiday first, to relax and think about my further steps šŸ™‚


      1. Yep, Tuesdays have always been my big nemesis. There is almost no Tuesday that I survive unscathed.
        Sounds like a great idea to get your head away from game and go on holiday. I hope you have fun and it helps you on your journey!

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