Quote Challenge (Day 3)

All good things come to an end. This is the last day of the Quote Challenge for me, so I better make it a good one!

Let’s start with some Stevenson-wisdom:


Stevenson did the unthinkable: he wrote in different genres, because he wanted to. I love people who walk their own path! (Plus, he was a very good author, despite not sticking to one genre).

Building on my feelings about Stevenson, here’s a wicked quote from Mr. American Literature himself, Mark Twain:


Couldn’t agree more. Although, sometimes, it’s nice to fit in. Somewhere. Anywhere.

For those of you who’ve visited my blog in the past, you probably already know I’m slightly OCD’ed and like things tidy, neat and congruous. You’ve probably also noticed how my quotes might differ from fonts and colours, but are similar in build-up: three different colours, at least two different fonts, and the same font for the name of the artist (let’s not mention the size of the image – okay it’s the same for all).

For me, there’s only one way to round this Three Day Quote Challenge up, which is by finishing it the way I started.

So, this one is for you all, from Mister Wilde to the world, and especially for all those who are out there doing this challenge right now:quote_6_Wilde

Golden rules of this challenge:
  1. Post three consecutive days
  2. You can pick up to three quotes per day
  3. Nominate three different bloggers per day
And the nominees are:

I want to thank Kah Choon again for nominating me: I loved taking part in it! 🙂

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