Heart to Post

Sunday Summary

(Week 6)

sunday_summary_new“There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart”Charles Dickens

After last week’s special summary, it’s back to normal with my seven learning moments of this week:

  1. Everything that happens in your life is a learning moment. I am an expert in pushing bad memories to the back of my mind, but guess what? They only stay there for a limited time and always find their way back to bug me some more. But I realised shame is a very silly emotion, and it disappears the moment you actually learn something from a past blunder. The memory that was bugging me a lot this week was that of an oral exam I had in college. I don’t do well in those, because I get so very nervous I tend to black out the second a question’s been asked, which is exactly what happened five years ago. Result: the teacher got angry with me for not studying, but only after I panicked and nearly broke down in tears he agreed on giving me a second chance the next day. Despite being even more nervous, I somehow rocked this re-try, and my professor told me I had “really proven myself.” A year later he pretended not to know me (but recognition is something easily noticed in someone’s eyes) and he kept ignoring me when talking to my best friend, who had just graduated. I stood right next to him, I even said hi, but he couldn’t find it in his heart to acknowledge my existence.
    This memory kept giving me a very uncomfortable feeling, it made me feel very small and unworthy. But what I learned from it is not to ride on everyone else’s opinions: he might have been my classmates’ favourite professor at University, in reality he’s just a jerk and I don’t owe him anything.
  2. People who talk the most usually don’t have a lot to say. I can’t even count on both hands the people I’ve encountered recently who keep yapping on and on about nothing. The weather. The food. The table cloths used in a restaurant. The colour of the walls… And if you hear them talk it seems as if it’s all really important. But there’s a saying that’s actually quite true: still waters run deep. Keep a look out for us silent people, everyone, we might surprise you with all the insightful things we have to say! And even if we don’t, at least we won’t make your ears buzz from having meaningless info being thrown at you non-stop. That’s right, if we don’t have anything to say, we don’t talk. Instead we sit and observe. Or read.
  3. For some people, ‘growth’ isn’t an ongoing happening. Do you know that feeling you get when meeting up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time, only to find out they haven’t changed a bit? I do. It made me wonder if growth is an ongoing thing, or if it stops at some point. I think it depends on the person in question, and I suspect some people stop evolving in their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I think our core personality never changes, but I mean mental growth, the evolution of our human being. Self-realisation and all that. Growing wisdom. I blogged about finding a purpose in life in which I used an Oscar Wilde quote, and I honestly believe some people stop living at one point and continue to merely exist. I hope I never get to that point, but if I do, I hope it’s a long day from now.
  4. It’s impossible to impress people during a sports exercise class. Last Monday (note: on Mondays I join the class and don’t give it) a guy joined the Body Pump class and he was definitely trying to impress a girl in front of him. I stifled a chuckle as I noticed him putting on a lot of weights on his barbell and kind of pitied him, too. Because let’s face it: you’re not going to impress someone if you’re standing behind her while she’s faced forward. And, more importantly: everyone in such a class is focussed on their own weight selection, their own bodies, their own work out, and nobody is in the mood to keep an eye on someone else (except me, but I’m a born lurker).
    Result: the girl never noticed how much an effort he made to impress her, he was struggling to get his bar up, and me, my mum and Y (we’re always in the back causing mayhem. Happy mayhem!), had a good laugh about it. Don’t worry, we know the guy and he knows us, and we weren’t mean. But let this be a lesson to everyone: trying to impress someone during any exercise class is useless. People are self-centred individuals and they simply don’t notice you. You can break into a silly dance for all they care: they won’t see you (trust me, I’ve tried).
  5. I know magic! That’s right! If only my name was Harry and I’d be a boy, someone would write a book about me. But my powers are limited, though. I can only make rain. It’s very simply, creating wet weather. All you need to do is clean the windows of your house on the outside. Or wash your car. Take your time, too. Clean them real good, take a few hours to get everything a-perfect. Then go inside and wait. That’s all there is to it to create instant rain. And if nature’s shower is delayed by a few hours: don’t worry! You’ll get an extra bonus later for the wait in the form of snow.
    Weather forecasts, really… They’ve got nothing on me!
  6. Nothing lasts forever, so cherish what you have right now. My brains have a knack for storing useless information and when it’s stored it never leaves my brain-library. I have a very, very good memory, enabling me to learn new things fast, and I am proud of this personal asset. But I wondered if I’ll still have a set of such fine working brains in, say, forty years.
    Probably not.
    Everything we have, are, know or own will falter eventually. Our lives are dynamic and in constant change. Friends come and go, so do memories, knowledge, personal tastes, our looks, our preferences, our health, etcetera. Everything is subject to change. So if you’ve got something you’re happy with, cherish it. You never know when the day will come it’ll disappear.
  7. I would like to take THIS VERY MOMENT to say the following about my box of wise papers: it’s uncanny, scary almost, how every time I randomly pick one (today even with my eyes closed!), I choose exactly THAT paper slip that contains a text which seems most relevant to my current personal situation. Very, very scary!
    best_wishesSo okay, here’s this week’s wisdom from the outside: Be afraid, but do it anyway.
    I’m postponing finding a country to live in because I am secretly afraid of actually moving. Leaving everything behind and starting over somewhere else is a fantastic fantasy I absolutely aim to realise, but there are a lot of what if-s that hold me back. This is something I only just realised and I haven’t told anyone yet, so how this week’s paper found out is a mystery to me! But, as usual, it’s right. Just do it!

It’s kind of funny how much you can learn each day for a week. But I refuse to stop gaining more knowledge, I don’t want to end up like the people I talked about in number three, so I say: on to week seven, on to more knowledge, on to more personal growth!

I am going to leave you with a heavy song about feeling like a machine desiring to be human, which best describes my emotional status of the past week. I’m feeling much better already, but this song keeps popping up in my head anyway. Putting it on my iPod surely didn’t help get rid of this Earworm Of The Week…


13 thoughts on “Sunday Summary”

  1. “still waters run deep.”
    —That’s why Christian Bale does not like Tom Cruise—too shallow πŸ™‚

    “I’m postponing finding a country to live in because I am secretly afraid of actually moving.”
    —God forbid, if nothing works out, then come to Southern California as a safe bet. At least your talent in writing will be appreciated πŸ™‚

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  2. 1. That guy is a jerk. Thinking about it some more I think he’s a right dickhead! Oops, I meant right jerk!
    2. I have this thing where I really listen to people. That thing about the only way of showing people you listen to them is by actually listening to them. I really try, always. But when it comes to nonsensical stuff which some people talk about then I find myself drifting off into my own mind and I work on thinking about persistent problems and finding answers. I don’t really get much thinking done as I flutter in and out of listening to the nonsense, but I drift in those circumstances — oooooh, boy! Do I drift!
    3. I agree wholeheartedly! Who I am today is different from who I was yesterday. Each new day’s stimulus is like adding bricks to a house-project that will never be completed. Grow ahead, Samantha!
    4. You little lurker you. Me too, I lurk. Safe to say, in the good way.
    5. Great news. You should visit sub-Saharan Africa and wash your car there. Haha. Always a great trick to have up your sleeve.
    6. Ay yai yai! I love the word, Cherish.
    7. You were really honest about being afraid. That is bravery right there! You brave little lurker. πŸ˜‰

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  3. I know I don’t belong in the Netherlands. Point is: I’m not sure where I do belong. But there’s only one way to find out and that is to try. My fear of failure is holding me back, as usual :p I’ll get over it. Sorry to hear your move didn’t turn out to be great. But that’s learning, too πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. Your perfectly natural hesitancy towards moving…indeed the grass (when not in winter of course) is not necessarily greener on “the other side.” My wife and I moved from the Northeast US to the Southern US 20 years ago and we were back home within eight months time. It was a bad idea. We’re not adverse to moving again but we now have the prior experience of knowing not just what it entails to move…but how hard it is to “undo.” If we were to move again it would have to be with our Dickens’ wisdom of heart and head in concert. The first time that wasn’t the case!

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  5. I SO AGREE with your comment that “People who talk the most usually don’t have a lot to say”. They just go on and on and on about something you already know.

    On a similar theme, there is a certain person at work (high up) who has never worked directly with me; doesn’t know me but (bizarrely) was asked to appraise me. He has only been in 2 meetings with me. EVER. Internal ones about NOTHING really. And you know his feedback, that counted towards my rating (indirectly linked to pay) – statement = “Rachel doesn’t talk in meetings”. That was his summing up of my whole year’s very hard work

    ARGH. I didn’t talk in those meetings because I had nothing relevant to say!?!! I listened; but had nothing to add. Why would I say something for the sake of it?

    People like that drive me crazy.

    Anyway, great post. I really loved reading it. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend.

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    1. You know what, I used to get that a lot, too! But why join in on useless talk? If people ask me something, I’ll give them an answer, and if they want a brilliant idea, all they have to do is ask and give me time to think and respond. That’s all. And why anyone would ask someone who doesn’t even know you to appraise you is beyond my wisdom. But people ey… We work in mysterious ways, although that’s usually not a good thing, haha!
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the last bits of this Sunday, too!

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  6. Nice post, Samantha! You are clever and fun to read. Especially liked your label just above the comment section. Think I may have to steal it for my blog. Have a great V-day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Tony! And you’re welcome to copy that if it makes you happy πŸ˜‰
      Hope you have a good Valentine’s, too!


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