Colour (aka Why Racism Is Stupid)

[noun, adjective, verb; ~ Pronunciation: /kuhl-er/]

  • Definition: Yellow, blue, red, green, purple, pink, orange, and many more. They are all colours that shape our world, making it an ever-changing and fascinating place to be. Without colours our lives would be bland and depressing, so be happy there are so many in the world to enjoy. And let’s never forget all colours are equally important: you can’t appreciate one without the existence of the others.

colour“Your attitude is like a box of crayons that colour your world. Constantly colour your picture grey, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colours to the picture by including humour, and your picture begins to lighten up”Allen Klein

Physics and science never were my best subjects in school, but something I’ll never forget is how colours work: we perceive colours by how light reflects on them. That’s why some objects are blue, others are yellow, and so on, because light bounces off of them differently.
If there is no light reflecting on something (e.g. if I’d shut my box of colouring pencils no light could reach them), the object is black. If all light is reflected, the object is white.

Which is incredibly crazy-making and super funny, because with actual colouring it’s the direct opposite: white is seen as no colour at all, and if you keep adding colours together you get a very messed up version of black (more like really dark poopy-brown, but still). In fact, during art class (hey, seems like I did learn stuff in high school!) we were taught there are two “schemes” for colour-explaining:

  1. The colourful one:
    I found this on Pinterest (click image for link), but they found it on www.settingforfour.com.
    I found this on Pinterest (click image for link), but they found it on http://www.settingforfour.com.

    You see there are three primary colours, yellow, red and blue. If you combine any of these two colours you get one of the secondary colours, orange, purple or green. Interesting side-note: complementary colours are primary and secondary colours directly opposite of each other in the above image. Yellow and purple, for instance. If you were to combine these colours in a drawing (or in a tattoo – hah!), they would increase each other’s effect, making purple look more purple and yellow more yellow.
    Okay, enough with the colour talk. On to the second scheme:

  2. The grey-values one:
    Image from Rutgers Cartography Lab
    Image from Rutgers Cartography Lab

    You see the difference? No primary grey values, no secondary ones either. No complementary grey values! It’s so boooooring! And yet it contains the two colours a lot of people in the world are so focused on: black and white.

I think racism is stupid. I think in order to hate someone you better have a darn good reason, at least something that goes beyond skin tone alone.

I fully realise there are people out there who are said to have yellow or red skins, but honestly: I can’t be bothered. In the end, we’re all just human beings, it’s as simple as that! Neither one of us could live without the other, just like colours. If there would be no red, there would be no orange or pink or purple. Without blue, we’d have no green or purple either.

Without white, we’d have no black and vice versa. We all complement each other. We all need each other.

And let’s face it: the world wouldn’t work if there was only one colour to go by, now would it?

PS: As I explained on my About the Girl page: I was taught British-English spelling. Apparently there are two ways to spell “grey”, namely the English one, which I used here, and gray with an a, also known as the American variant. I seriously never knew this, so I thought it fun to add it here.

9 thoughts on “Colour (aka Why Racism Is Stupid)”

  1. “I think racism is stupid.”

    —Interesting. But some economists may have a different take. They have so called statistical descrimnation, which may not be that stupid. According to this theory, for example, racial profiling in airport check may be justified, given limited resource:

    “Statistical discrimination is an economic theory of racial or gender inequality based on stereotypes. According to this theory, inequality may exist and persist between demographic groups even when economic agents (consumers, workers, employers, etc.) are rational and non-prejudiced. This type of preferential treatment is labeled “statistical” because stereotypes may be based on the discriminated group’s average behavior.”

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    1. But this qualifies as a method of being able to more effectively pick out traffickers, terrorists, etc. And even so, I could be smuggling drugs. There’s always outliers.

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