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Sunday Summary (Special Edition)

(Week 9)

sunday_summary_new“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”C. S. Lewis

It’s that time of the month again. No, not THAT time, I mean it’s time for a Special Sunday Summary! In case you haven’t noticed me writing one every first Sunday of the month.

This week I’d like to discuss seven things I could never be. At least not in this life. Which is fine, because we don’t just get to know ourselves by the things we can become, but also by that which we can never achieve.

Here’s my seven I-could-never-be’s:

  1. A teen mom. I am twenty-nine. I know I look younger, but I could never fake being nineteen or younger any more. So, no, I could never be a teen mom. Which suits me just fine (and my parents, too).
  2. An alcoholic. I would be the worst alcoholic in the world as I tend to get light-headed after about two sips. Really. That’s all it takes. Depending on the drink, though. Wine, I could go two glasses before starting to feel woozy. Rum on the other hand, that’s two sips. If I take more than one drink of rum, I am in giggle-mode for the rest of the night, not kidding.
    Also, funny side-note: I’ve never actually been drunk in my life, tipsy only. I blame my emetophobia, but also not wanting to fit in with my classmates when I was sixteen.
  3. A smoker. Dear lord, I tried it once, and I thought I was going to die. I don’t understand how anyone likes it, since there’s about zero positive sides to smoking. First of all, it’s like you’re inhaling a mouthful of emptiness that tastes extremely gross. Then there’s the smell, which doesn’t just linger in the air, but sticks to your hair, your lips, your clothes, and your fingers. Maximum ew.
    And even if you were to like the taste and/or smell, there’s always the price to consider. Both literally and figuratively, since cigarettes cost like a fortune and take their toll on your health.
    In all honesty, after my once-off cigarette I took a gasp of fresh air (I was outside), and found it was the best taste ever! Don’t smoke, just inhale fresh air. It’s much nicer, less costly and far healthier.
  4. A politician. My problem would be making promises. Because when I promise something, I intend to keep it. Also, I’m not very good with words in real life. On paper, sure, but I don’t do well with speeches. People always cut me off or look away. And last but not least: I am way too honest to go into politics, plus I don’t really trust anyone. I’d be all alone, nobody voting for me and all that. Can’t have that if you want to make it in politics.
  5. A singer. My neighbours are moving out. I suspect I might have something to do with this as I always go around the house singing my heart out. Which is funny, because I couldn’t keep a tune if my life depended on it. I doubt anyone would pay money to hear me perform. I mean, I used to sing along to some songs while teaching a pump class, but it was never very well-received (and due to the microphone I was able to hear myself, too – yikes!). Nope, I haven’t got an ounce of Adele in me, I’m afraid. Or Britney for that matter.
  6. A dictator. Not only would I be the World’s Worst Alcoholic if I was one, but I’d also be the World’s Worst Dictator. It’d go wrong from the start, as I don’t believe I’d squeeze (extra) money out of my people, I think I’d give them what I’d have left after paying for every necessity a country needs. I’d try to make lots of things possible for everyone, like education and health care. I’d make sure everyone got to live in a decent house (not tents or slums), had clear water at its demand, healthy food, medicine, you name it. And if I ever did need to cut back on something due to, say, a crisis, I’d cut back on my own income first.
    I don’t care one bit about status, or big cars, or a massive house, so I’d save money on that and keep my people safe and happy instead. They would be allowed to believe what they want to, be who they want to be, provided they don’t intentionally hurt others in the process.
    If I was a dictator, nobody would flee my country, but outsiders from all over the world would probably flock to mine instead. If I was a dictator, I’d call my country Utopia.
  7. Anyone else but me. This might sound just as straightforward as number one, but there’s more to it. I’ve pretended to be someone else for so many years, it’s only since a while I’ve come to terms with myself. You can fight it all you want, but the real you will eventually take over. So you better learn to love yourself. Embrace who you are, and a new world will open for you. Alien power!

You know what, if someone tells me I can’t be or do something, it angers me and motivates me to show them they’re wrong. But as I’m reading back through this list, I can’t do anything but smile. I can’t be any of the things I listed here and I am just fine with that. There’s about a million other things I could become in my life, so I’m good.

As always, though, there’s only one way to end a Sunday Summary, even if it’s a special edition. I’d like to dedicate the following song to my mother, who bought a huge basket of small cakes, called Magdalenas. I know the title of the song is different, but ohhhh the chorus! Every time I grab a Magdalena this song hits my head, replacing Manuela with Magdalena, and I can’t stop it!

And what better way to be in pain than to share it? Bear ye one another’s burdens and all that, right? 😉

Have a very good week, everyone!


(I know the song is in Dutch but you’ll understand the chorus, alright!)
(…maybe this is why my neighbours are moving! I don’t hit the high notes, but I try every day, when eating a Magdalena)

10 thoughts on “Sunday Summary (Special Edition)”

  1. Sheesh! What’s wrong with you! Gosh, why WOULDN’T you want to be like EVERYONE else?

    /end sarcasm

    Great post. Seriously. Resonates quite well with me. Its great that you strive to be authentic. That’s such an overlooked quality in society nowadays. Then again, what’s common today, wasn’t even ten years ago, yet alone a century ago. Either way, wise words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Politics is for liars and fakers. I think you wouldn’t do well, to be honest 😉 My day was fine, how was yours? Hope you have a good week!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. #4 — Keeping promises is such a beautiful thing to read. Also, sing your little heart out until the community votes on your eviction. Enjoy yourself, Samantha. ✌🏼️

    Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s my number eight, probably. Allthough I could always Put It/Something In Song for my neighbours. Or be catfished (just to meet Neve).


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