Simplicity (aka How I Wish I Could Be A Gerbil For A Day)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /sim-plis-i-tee/]

  • Definition: Simplicity has many beautiful, official meanings (click here for some), but for me it encompasses the ability to enjoy the smaller things in life, experiencing gratefulness for that what you have, and wonder why on Earth us people keep making life so difficult for one another, with all our rules and laws, albeit written or not. Simplicity is looking at your tiny pets in awe, taking pleasure in seeing them happily and eagerly turning their cage into a hay-and-wood-chips-filled war zone.
J_en_L“There is no greatness where there is no simplicity, goodness and truth”Leo Tolstoy

Every week Jamie and Loki (top picture) get a clean cage. According to many web sites that write about taking care of gerbils it’s not necessary to do that weekly, but I do it anyway. Why? Mainly because I can only take so much gerbil-chaos in plain view (let’s not forget I have an OCD), but also because I absolutely love watching them run around their clean cage, taking in their “new” environment, tearing apart the pieces of fresh hay and digging new tunnels while trying to teach wood-chips how to fly.

I seriously pull a chair in front of their huge glass cage after I’ve put them back in, and sit. Sit and enjoy, for a good ten minutes or so.

I know I wrote how I think jealousy is the stupidest emotion of all, but secretly I envy my gerbils.

Here’s the thing: they are always together, never alone. They clearly love each other, but they also respect each other as I never witness them fight over anything (males are more mellow than females in the gerbil/rodent world). Each of them has a “talent” and they divide their work accordingly. Thus, Jamie (the white one) usually builds the nest by collecting carton, paper and hay pieces for (I suspect) isolation. He’s also always on the lookout, his little pink nose eagerly sniffing around, and when I take them out of their glass surroundings Jamie’s the one who explores the table or sofa first, often climbing on top of me (sometimes even on top of my head) to watch out for danger, like meerkats do.
Loki, however tough he might look in his black fur coat, is always scared. He spends most of his time digging tunnels, hiding while sending out an SOS by stomping his back legs, and, well, eating. And grinding through small cardboard boxes, of which he uses the snippets to help build a nest.

Together, they are the perfect team.

The main reason why I adore them so much and envy their lives, is because they thrive in simplicity. They have nothing else but each other, food, water, toys, tons of cardboard ready to be slaughtered, and me, a crazy woman. And that seems to be enough for them.

Or maybe they simply don’t know any better. Whatever it is, their lives are easy and they’re living them well. They don’t have to worry about food, work, attention, their pension, doctor’s bills, or whatever. They only have to be.

Life is complicated. At least that’s how I feel. There seem to be so many Must-Do’s, so many things to achieve, it’s hard to enjoy being where you are right now. There are always worries about tomorrow and the days after. What will I do? Where shall I go?

I believe life itself isn’t difficult, but that we make it so. We’ve made laws and rules, it was us that created boxes to put people in. We’ve taken the simplest of things in life and turned them into something regulated, because that’s human nature.

Seriously, I think in essence the entire human race is OCD’ed!

For Loki and Jamie, things are clear, though. No rules, no laws, just each other and a giant pile of stuff they can dig through. I always find myself smiling when I watch or hold them, regardless of how bad I feel. And now I know why.

Sure, it’s because they’re cute, but it’s also because they clearly enjoy their life the way it is. They just don’t know any better. They remind me how simple life can be, and how little we need to actually be happy.

And that’s the simple truth.

6 thoughts on “Simplicity (aka How I Wish I Could Be A Gerbil For A Day)”

    1. Oh. My. Lord, your blog is awesome! So much fuzzy fur, I’m an instant fan (also, slightly hyperventilating here. But that happens a lot when I see cute gerbil pictures)!

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  1. Just how cute are they!!! 🐭🐭 Keeping it simple and close to the heart – Big things usually come in small packages, I once heard in a children’s song — I guess one of Waylon Jennings’s that he wrote for Sesame Street at one point πŸ€ 🎢🌠

    Liked by 1 person

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