Desire (aka When You’re Sick You Only Need One Wish Fulfilled)

[verb; ~ Pronunciation: /dih-zahyuh r/]

  • Definition: Wanting something so badly you cannot possibly think of anything else. It’s a strong feeling coming from within, making your entire body and mind focus on one thing only: that what you wish for most in your life. It’s often something you’ve had before and lost, like a life in luxury. Or, in my case, my physical health.
“The starting point of all achievement is desire” Napoleon Hill

The flu has gone. I still cough every now and then and I think I sprained a muscle somewhere near my right ribs which is quite painful, but I no longer have a fever, I no longer need tons of sleep, I no longer have a throat that feels as if someone’s been at it with a piece of sandpaper (dwarfs, I suspect. They usually give my inner ears a similar treatment with their tiny hammers). I can eat solid food again, drink tea and water without flinching from pain experienced from swallowing, and I have stopped sweating like a pig every night.

Which just shows how funny I am, because pigs don’t sweat.

Anyway, even as I was lying on the sofa in pure agony, anticipating yet another excruciating set of coughs and convinced I’d rather choke to death than have to give in to my reflexes and hurt my sore throat even more, I realised something important. A lesson you learn each time you’re sick, but forget ever so quickly when you’re back on your feet: when you’re ill you only have one wish, one desire: to get better. And when you’re not sick, your head (or at least my head) explodes with aspirations, goals, wants, and mental to-do-lists.

But if I had had a magical lamp when I was down with the flu, with a genie inside granting me three wishes, I wouldn’t have needed three. One wish would have sufficed to give me all I desired.

Somehow, the flu brought me peace of mind. For a good week. I mean, you know you’re getting better when your mind reverts to worrying about loads of stuff that’s not half as important as you always imagined they were. But other than that, even when I was high on a fever, it felt like my sickness was some sort of cleansing period: get rid of all surplus thoughts and focus on one point only.

Which is exactly what I told myself I’d do after I got better. Focus on one point only. Forget about all my lists and all my worries, just pick one goal and get it done before even so much as glancing at the next thought.

So far my new resolution isn’t going that well. Seems like my head’s again crowded with surplus thoughts and that they were only on a break. Still, I feel like I caught onto something here. If you only need one wish granted when you’re ill, it means you have a very clear priority. And I think that’s the key to living a simple and happy life: setting your priorities. Run down your list of desires and choose the most important one.

If I can do it in a state of sickness, I must be able to do so when I’m back to full health.

This was just a silly case of the flu, which happens every two years or so. But it has also been a wake-up call: stop being such a lost cause and step up your game a bit! What if in the future you end up with something much worse than the flu and you won’t get better? I don’t want to have any regrets about not following my dreams while I still could!

So I better get started on granting me my three wishes. Although, perhaps, I should simply start with one. Because why would you ever need more than one?

15 thoughts on “Desire (aka When You’re Sick You Only Need One Wish Fulfilled)”

            1. Our travel plans are all taken care off already. But who knows where I’ll end up after that. If I do make it to the US I’ll let you know πŸ™‚

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      1. Do you know, more than half of the Pros are not the same way all the time, what we see them on TVs, Books, News elsewhere. They do drugs in some cases.

        Your arena is writing and much of it happens in the head, you I think you are in good position. When I read your posts, I feel like some day next year, I will be in a position that you are today. πŸ™‚

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        1. Thanks for the compliment, Bhanu πŸ™‚ My blog is my piece of freedom, a place where I can let out my thoughts. That’s why I like the social dilemmas you pose on your blog: it forces me to think about certain situations I’d not experience myself. Thinking about them gives me insight into who I am as a person. You are much wiser than many people I know and your curiosity for life is admirable πŸ™‚

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          1. Ok some new posts have come up on marriage/divorce. Would be interesting to see your thoughts on them πŸ™‚

            Thank you for sweet words. I am just learning. Yes you are correct, I am curious always πŸ™‚

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