Energy (aka How My Search For More Energy Led To Vitamin B Poisoning)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /en-er-jee/]

  • Definition: According to The Secret it’s the one thing everything is made out of, the one thing that combines us all, and the only thing we’ll never be without. According to me, there’s definitely a shortage of personal energy going on at this very moment. I blame the weather.
“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them” – Henry Ford

The idea that everything in the Universe, including us humans, is made out of everlasting energy is one of the few things I actually appreciated from reading The Secret.

Too bad my energy seems to deplete more and more each day.

I honestly blame the weather, because I always feel like this when the seasons change from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Autumn. Usually my lethargy lasts for a few weeks after which my body adjusts to the new weather conditions.
But somehow, this year, the weather is messed up. Take this week, for example. It’s been nothing but sunshine, rain, hail, snow (!), storms and thunder all day long. It’s something else every two minutes! You can’t possible dress for it, let alone enjoy it! My mind can’t comprehend and neither can my body. I keep going from hot to cold and back, and I simply can’t keep my energy balanced.

So in order to get a grip on my zombie-state (which usually happens around 3pm or so – by then my eyelids simply get too heavy to stay open and my mouth loses its function to speak), I eventually did what everyone would have done: I searched Google.

After a thorough online research the conclusion was I should increase my vitamin B consumption. Which, to add to my happiness, apparently also works miracles for damaged facial skin, and since mine breaks out even by the thought of cheese and/or chocolate, I thought this would be a win-win situation!

Of course, I forgot I am blonde.

What happened is, I already take multivitamins which include pretty much all variations of vitamin B. I thought I’d be smart and cut back the multivitamins from two pills a day to one, adding one vitamin B pill to the mix. This meant a daily consumption of vitamin B supplements that was 250% of the Recommended Daily Allowances. Which I thought would be fine, because I have used vitamin B supplements in the past and I remembered the surplus leaving my body through natural ways.

At first, I felt better indeed. Less tired, more capable of keeping my eyes open during the day and sprinting up to my room to change my clothes trying to match it to whatever the weather was up to now.

Then one day I noticed this strange pain on the right side of my body, near my upper ribs. But because I exercise a lot, I initially assumed I pulled a muscle.

It wasn’t until I was in Dublin that the pain got worse and I ended up barely able to stand up from a seated position, let alone walk. And it wasn’t until that faithful day where I forgot to take my vitamin pills and the pain instantly grew less, that I started thinking maybe 250% was a bit much after all.

I’m not sure if it was official vitamin B poisoning, but it looks great in my title and I can’t help thinking if you keep shooting yourself up with something your body doesn’t want and clearly can’t get rid of by itself, you are, in fact, poisoning yourself.

For now, I’ve stopped taking any vitamin supplement and I feel better each time I wake up. Which is not only late in the morning, but also late in the afternoon. Because despite being almost pain-free, my energy has dropped again and has left me as lethargic as before.

But if the choice is between either not being able to function properly due to tiredness and not being able to function due to vitamin B pains that keep you from doing anything at all, the decision is simple, because nothing is worth poisoning your own body for!

And maybe this leaves me tired, but at least I can *try* and sleep it off πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “Energy (aka How My Search For More Energy Led To Vitamin B Poisoning)”

    1. The sad part is, I don’t have lack of sleep… :/ I get around 8 hours each night so I don’t know where my tiredness comes from other than that it happens twice a year. I settle for just being weird :p


  1. Wow you walked all the way to Dublin? I guess taking Vitamin B is pretty powerful. Though like you said, not worth poisoning. I wonder if some superhero started this way. Took too much Vitamin B, got energy, but also got poisoned and it took over their body made their only weakness the sun, so they could only deal with criminals in Seattle and London.

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            1. I advise you to stop talking as the Female Flash might have a short temper and a good pair of running shoes… D:<


  2. I can definitely relate to your experiencing changing seasons in terms of your own personal physiology. I know that happens to me, too, although not to the extent you experience it. Regarding the weather, I have been saying for several weeks that we seem to have at least three seasons here in Chicago each day. I was wearing shorts to ride my bike in 78F temps on the weekend and long johns to ride in 43F this morning. Hang in there, Samantha. I am sure it gets better.

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  3. Do you know consuming up to 250% of the Recommended Daily Allowances mostly has no sense and is just spilling money, often watering the vitamins down in the loo. (Check your urine, when it is dark yellow you are truly using too many vitamins B and damaging your kidneys with overwork.)

    Please follow your doctors advise.

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    1. Well, that’s why I initially thought it wouldn’t hurt consuming more than 100%, and why I quit after it started to hurt. And I hardly ever visit my doctor, she does nothing except take blood or prescribe drugs. Buy thanks for your concern. I can safely day I learned my lesson πŸ™‚


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