Tranquillity (aka My Pear Tree Is Doing A Better Job Than I Am)

[noun; ~Pronunciation: /trang-kwil-i-tee/]

  • Definition: A state of calmness, of feeling balanced and at peace despite whatever storm is raging outside (or inside, for that matter). It is knowing all will be fine, for all is fine right now. Or whatever. I mean, I have yet to experience any form of tranquillity, so what do I know, really?
donnie“That which is false troubles the heart, but truth brings joyous tranquillity” – Rumi

Meet my tree of tranquillity, Donnie. I am not sure if I’ve introduced you to him already, but in case I haven’t: Donnie is my pear tree since three years. He was named after the biggest anti-hero of all times (or at least the cutest), Donald Duck, and has never let me down pear production-wise.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for the stupid blackbirds who keep stealing my pears each year! But still. Must keep my cool, stay tranquil.

And let’s not forget about the net my dad surrounded Donnie with to keep the blackbirds away. That ought to help, too.

Also, a little side-note to those who think it’s silly to name plants and trees: it’s been scientifically proven that being nice and kind to plants and trees increases their performance (e.g. more flowers, less decay, more and bigger pieces of fruit), and the first step in doing so, I think, is to give them a name. Besides, we name our pets, so why not our trees?

Plus, I only have one tree. If I had a full orchard it would be a different story.

Anyway, let’s get back to the main topic of this post: finding tranquillity.
Donnie, in all his blossomy glory (his flowers look beautiful but stink like rotten fish, by the way), has taught me a wise lesson: whatever life throws at you, be it rain, hail, snow or hungry blackbirds, keep your cool and stay true to yourself. Find tranquillity in life and nothing can bring you down. And if for whatever reason you miss your goal or fail to serve your purpose (in Donnie’s case that would be to produce delicious fruit), don’t fret! Simply try again next year. All will be well.

Nature moves at its own pace and there is nothing you can do to influence it. If this year’s harvest is nil again, I cannot speed up the process of producing pears in any kind of (natural) way. I can only wait.

So it is with everything else in life. If things don’t go the way you planned them, wait for the next opportunity and try again. Knowing not everything is in your hands, in your control, can be a liberating thought.

At least it is to me. Letting go is something I have been working on in order to find my inner peace and I am slowly getting there. I am in it to find tranquillity, and then own it like Donnie does!

But maybe with fewer flowers strewn all over me. And giving off a nicer smell.

And if all else fails, there is always yoga to try out. Although I doubt that’ll get me tranquil:

What do you do to keep your cool and stay tranquil?


11 thoughts on “Tranquillity (aka My Pear Tree Is Doing A Better Job Than I Am)”

  1. I think it’s a good idea to name your tree if you think that helps it to do well. I have two cactus plants and they have names. I wouldn’t say it has helped them thrive, but it may at least have kept them alive. I’ve had them now for more than sixth months, which is the longest I’ve ever had any pot plant without accidentally killing it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yea, I read your post about them a while ago! You see, naming them is just the first step in a longterm, thriving floral commitment! πŸ™‚

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  2. Loved this post. I suspect that the plants may well name us as well.
    Keeping tranquil … Love listening to classical music and taking walks.
    Looking at the stars. Just being mellow I guess. Say hi to Donnie for me. All the best. Kris.

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    1. Thank you, Kris. Ooh, I picked up walking lately and it does help ease the mind!
      I’ll give Donnie your regards πŸ˜‰ I expect it’ll help him grow his fruit. And just grow in general.


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