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Sunday Summary

(Week 18)

sunday_summary_new“Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon” – Susan Ertz

Happy Mothers Day everyone! Or actually: Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there! 🙂

My grumpy old mother has received yet another set of gifts each from me and my eldest sister, despite her obvious loathing of “her” special day. But she got to see my sisters two kids, so I reckon she’s happy after all.

For me, it’s just another ordinary Sunday, and thus it is time to write a summary! Here’s what I learned:

  1. They use children seatbelts for demonstrations before a flight take-off. Never having travelled with kids before, this simply never caught my attention. But as I was seated next to my sister on our way to Dublin and she had D on her lap, secured with a special infant seatbelt, I noticed how the steward (we had a man!) used another one of the kiddy belts for the live instruction. Which makes perfect sense, because they are smaller, their click system works the same, they are loose (aka not attached to any chair), and they keep a whole lot of them in one bag so they’re easy to collect and stash away.
  2. Too much vitamin B will hurt you. I wrote this post about giving myself vitamin B poisoning (not on purpose, mind you!), but it was so painful I felt I had to use it in my summary as well. Especially because this was a lesson well learned, but definitely the hard way. Never ever just take vitamin supplements because you feel a bit tired or whatever and a Google search leads you to a vitamin solution for all your problems. Change your diet, exercise more, get out more to experience fresh air or sleep some more. If all that fails, pay your GP a visit.
  3. I never want children. Period. They say once a woman hits a certain age (which I’m suspecting is thirty, because lately people have been pestering me about the ticking of my “biological clock”), her maternal instincts take over and she wants nothing but to procreate.
    As usual, I suspect I am the exception to the rule, as I don’t. I was having milder thoughts about maybe, someday in the far, far future I might let someone talk me into having kids (I was keeping a 2% probability-opening for that), but then I spent a weekend in an apartment with my eldest sister and her two little ones, and it cured me for life.
    Let me get some things straight, though. First of all, my niece and nephew are the cutest little creatures I’ve ever seen, provided they don’t cry, scream, or try to murder each other. In fact, I think all children are cute. From a far.
    Secondly, when children are happy and laugh, the world is a better place for a little while. So no, I don’t hate children. I just don’t think it would be a good idea for me to ever have any of my own. For a while I thought adoption might be an option, in case I ever meet someone I’d like to spend my life with and they’d really want children, but no. I’m over that, too. Completely cured. I would be too strict, too OCD’ed, and since I plan to travel the world a bit more, kids and me just don’t match. We just don’t. Because when they cry/scream/throw a tantrum over nothing all I want is to hit their off-switch, but they don’t come with any 😦
    So I’ll just stay the silly-yet-a-bit-scary-aunt that will give them love and attention, keep an eye on them, play with them, and who then hands them back over to their mum when they get too annoying ^^
  4. If your electronic device cannot be switched on when going through an airport security check, it might be confiscated. I received the  paperwork for my Canada trip, and in there I found some really handy tips about security, customs, money, and so on. Basically, if you take a phone, laptop, tablet or other device with you, you have to be able to switch it on when requested, so always make sure the battery is loaded. If it won’t spring to life, your device might be withheld by security.
    Also, if you travel to a country outside of Europe and you have a European bank pass, you have to apply for an outside-Europe usage of it by your own bank (I am not sure if this is a necessity the other way around, though). By default, all European bank passes are blocked for usage outside of Europa due to a higher risk of being skimmed, so if you need it in, say, Canada, better check in with your bank before you leave on your trip.
  5. I learned the crocodile pose. Just like kids, yoga is not for me. But, in an attempt to feel better in my own skin and possibly learn to become a little less restless in my head, I tried out some yoga. All I can say is: my downwards dog looks nothing like what the lady on YouTube does (really, NOTHING), and whatever cobra-move came next was far from comfortable (so why repeat it three times!?). My favourite poses are the child’s pose (like, who can’t do that one!?), but I already knew that one, and the crocodile pose. Here’s the crocodile:
    Image from: http://www.banyanbotanicals.com/info/ayurvedic-living/living-ayurveda/yoga/vata-pacifying-yoga/vata-yoga-poses-crocodile-pose/

    Totally rocked that one.

  6. Freedom is a luxury. I know, I know, I am repeating myself. But this is by far the most important thing I’ve learned lately, so it had to be on this list. Just like the rest of my nation, I never really thought about what freedom means to a country, until a woman on TV said it’s something a lot of people fought and lost their lives for. That it’s something we cannot ever stop fighting for. And her words still echo in my head. Freedom is a luxury, so learn to appreciate it. It is just like everything else in life that’s worth having: it’s even better when you share it.
  7. Get ready for some paper-wisdom! Here’s what Week 18 has to offer you in print: There is enough love in this world for everyone. But there are not enough customers for it.Imagine that, a paper slip with words that are wiser than anything I wrote myself (at least for this week). Could it be that some people are non-recipient for love? Or don’t know where to get it?
    We should open our hearts more and let the love in. A happy person can be more contagious than any illness or disease. Let’s spread some love, everyone!

Reading this summary over I notice there is not a lot of deep, wise new knowledge in it. Thank goodness there’s always next week! 🙂

Let’s end it all with the Earworm Of The Week. I, for one (pun, but you’ll find out why later), cannot get this song out of my head when I hear it on the radio. And sadly, it’s always on the radio. Always!


Share some of my burden with me! 😉


16 thoughts on “Sunday Summary”

    1. So they say most parents feel. I just… I don’t know. I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to have some. Maybe I could adopt a seventeen-year-old, and then if we don’t like each other he/she can move out at eighteen? Probably not a good idea, either.


        1. How many is “they” exactly?
          Just checking. By the way, this is not some sort of easy way to temporarily get rid of your teenage-full-into-puberty-children, is it?


  1. I look forward to your Sunday summaries. I did watch the entire video, but I guess I’m still stuck in the 50s. I listen to other things, but I always return to Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, as well as a few others. Seen Little Richard when he was starting out and again not too long ago. Also saw Jerry Lee not too long ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Bill. It’s always nice to see you stopped by here 🙂
      I think my aunt would agree with your music choice 100%. As for this video, it’s not a song I personally love, but it’s always on the radio when I switch it on and it really won’t leave my head afterwards. So annoying.

      How where the shows of Little Richard and Jerry Lewis?


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