Greatness (aka Surviving The Best Wake-Up Call In The World)

[noun; ~Pronunciation: /greyt-nes/]

  • Definition: When your aura exudes you’re definitely better different than others in a great way.
    It also refers to the size of very scary yet exciting dive coasters:
“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Be careful what you tell your friends, as they will always cease the opportunity to use it against you.

I once told my friend A I never really wake up before 11am, so when we entered a theme park yesterday (the reason why I didn’t blog – and the world still spins!) at 10:30am and A caught me yawning quite a lot, she figured it’d be a great idea to start off the day with the “best wake-up call ever”, namely the park’s new dive coaster, Baron 1898 (see video if you dare or click the link).

Although my claim not being able to join the land of the living before 11am had been a slight exaggeration, yesterday I actually happened to be in a sort of zombie-state. Hence, I had no clue what was going to happen exactly, and I just followed A around until we entered the line for the Baron ride.

A convinced me (although with all do respect I was in no state where I needed convincing for anything – it must have been like talking to a brick wall) the best way to enjoy the ride was to sit in front. I never sit in front, because I have a theory they always wait until the last cart of a roller coaster is pulled up before releasing the brakes, and I choose speed over sight. I actually confirmed this theory yesterday by hopping on the same ride twice: once sitting in the back and once sitting in the front.


But anyway, like I said, I needed little convincing and the coaster didn’t have train-like carts so I was fine with sitting front row. Besides, my half-awake brains told me A spends almost every weekend there and has been on this dive coaster many more times than I have, so she must know best.

Well, she did. We patiently waited to get seated in front, our legs happily dangling beneath us, and still I felt nothing. The cart started moving, people behind us started screaming (seriously, why? Nothing had happened yet!) and still I was ice cold.
We rolled forward and were shown some projections of white women (I am now directly using the park’s translation, so don’t blame me for anything here) that were singing an annoying song about our nearing doom, and still… not a peep from me.
The ride proceeded through doors that were swung open and we were pulled up onto possibly the highest dive coaster tracks of the Netherlands, and still I felt nothing.

In fact, it wasn’t until we went over the top “bump” and the cart stopped, leaving us all facing down into a very, very deep pit below, that my brains slowly came to life. It was 10:55am and I was staring into the deepest mine hole I had ever seen (to be honest, it was the only mine thingy I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even real so it probably doesn’t count).

I remember thinking: “Oh darn, this IS quite high indeed!” Then I heard an ominous clang and my brains jolted to life as we free-fell into a misty opening in the ground, about thirty-seven metres below us.

Thirty-seven metres equals a lot of feet. A LOT!

Forty seconds later, my knees were trembling and my heart was racing. But the yawning had stopped and I was fully awake!

That was my wake-up call. To greatness.

Or at least to a great weekend (I hope).

Happy weekend, everyone! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Greatness (aka Surviving The Best Wake-Up Call In The World)”

    1. Oh, my mum’s afraid of heights, too. I just love roller coasters. Not the swinging pirate ships-rides or those towers that pull you up and drop you down, I hate those.

      PS – I thought fear of heights was called acrophobia?

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  1. 1. I love roller coasters. I want to go on them more, but my kids are chickens and don’t like them and we always seem to go to them together. So one of these days I want to go with just my wife and we will rock a bunch of them for once. 2. That is pretty funny that you don’t like waking before 11 am. I almost always wake up at 4:30 am for work. So I’m probably up at the same time you are (time zone wise). I’m not sure the time difference, but it is probably pretty close anyways right?


    1. Your kids do not like roller coasters? Well, that throws our plans out the window. Unless they change their minds before they turn 17.
      Depending on where you live there’s a good 7 hours time difference, so yea, we wake up at the same time. This doesn’t mean I don’t get out of bed before that, I am up at 8am, it’s just that my brains need to get started up and that takes time :p


      1. I’m on the west coast so probably 10 hours? Anyways, I’m kind of one of those guys that doesn’t like to sleep a whole lot, but is definitely lazy.
        I’ll do my best to get them to change their minds on the roller coaster thing. That is unacceptable behavior.

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        1. Well, you take your time difference with New York and then add seven.
          As for the behaviour, that IS unacceptable. What teens do not like roller coasters?


          1. New York is three hours later, so I guess we are 10. So basically when I starting my day, you are ending yours.
            I hope to heavens that we raise them to appreciate coaster by the time they are teens, but I don’t have my time for my 11 year old.

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                    1. Probably. If there were no lines, people would be able to do all the rides in a park in like an hour. And that would be awesome, because then you would have to do them all again.

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