Fortnight (aka Blame Canada, Blame Canada)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /fawrt-nahyt/]

  • Definition: A well-needed, hard-earned holiday, in this case to the other side of the Earth, in which I will not have a lot of time to blog, due to all the sightseeing that needs to be done, and the photo-taking, and the enjoying of national dishes and drinks, and not to forget all the indulging in a foreign culture I’ll be doing (Lord, I hope I’ll see some bears!).
“Canada is the homeland of equality, justice and tolerance” – Kim Campbell

My flight to Vancouver leaves in two days. Well, in less than 48 hours, actually. My stress levels are going through the roof as we speak, but this is mainly due to so many people asking me if I’m “all set” already.

I mean, seriously, do I come across as someone who’d pack their bags a week before leaving on the actual trip!?

Okay, better not answer that…

As from Saturday, I won’t be able to blog regularly for a fortnight. Which I completely blame Canada for, by the way, hence the video (which is also the only song about Canada I know).

In fact, I realised I don’t know anything about Canada at all! Apart from them having wild bears (and salmon? Do they have salmon, too?).

Normally I get handed an information booklet of the country I’ll be travelling to, but this time I got nothing. Zilch. I have no idea what the country’s national dishes are or what’s typical for its inhabitants behaviour-wise. I was told everyone there really likes tips so I should bring lots of money, but who doesn’t like to get handed a little extra?

I don’t even know which coat to bring! Am I right to take my put-me-on-and-you-can-survive-any-nuclear-winter-winter-coat? Or should I settle for my leather jacket instead? No clue.

Another thing is the group I’m travelling with. Twenty-nine complete strangers! Now, I know I’m bound to like someone, but what if I don’t? What if they leave me behind and I am eaten by a grizzly bear!? I always imagined I’d be eaten by a panda instead…

Anyway, this holiday is to release some stress, not create more of it. Everyone keeps telling me Canadians are kind people and their country is gorgeous, so I have no choice but to believe that.

A full fortnight long, I will not be overly active on any online platform (which is an inside joke; like I ever do anything that doesn’t involve WordPress or my email). I will not post my regular posts and I will not respond to comments or emails like I usually do (which reminds me I still have a few emails lying around that need a reply- oops!). I will not enhance your lives with my brilliantly found quotes, nor will I shower you with my wisdom, and that for two whole weeks! I hope you will all survive.

I know, it’s a sad fact. But it’s not my fault! In fact, if you want to blame someone, you better blame Canada!

But honestly, if anyone out there has any tips for me (regarding the weather, food, nice souvenir ideas), I’d love to hear them! 🙂

PS: What’s up with that quote? I thought that’s what people thought of the Netherlands? (it’s not true about the Netherlands, by the way, but still).

7 thoughts on “Fortnight (aka Blame Canada, Blame Canada)”

  1. hahha this is a wonderful post! I missed your writing Sammy. I wish you a safe and sound journey to Canada:) have lots of fun, don’t worry you won’t be eaten by a bear. Canada is beautiful <3. Waiting to see your take on it.

    Ps. Don't end up buying too much original maple syrup!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We do have salmon here! It’s what a lot of the bears eat, haha. And me, I love salmon. I hope you have an awesome time in my kick ass country. It’s tough to pack for Canada as we have all seasons almost at all times. Are you just going to Vancouver?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for salmon! And me packing layers 😉
      I’ll be travelling around, visiting some of your national parks as well, such as Jasper and Banff. Really can’t wait to see all the places from the photos I’ve seen in real life! Judging from the pics alone, your country is gorgeous!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I have now officially packed (for someone who loves travelling I surprisingly hate packing) and I learned I am not the youngest one on this trip! Which gets me super-excited seeing as I usually am 🙂


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