Multiplicity (aka The Many Faces We Have Make Us Whole)

[noun; ~Pronunciation: /muhl-tuh-plis-i-tee/]

  • Definition: Realising you do not have to be one steady person all throughout your adult life, but accepting that the differences inside you, all your traits and talents and seeming contradictions of your character, all make up you. You are whole, your multiplicities come together as pieces of a puzzle and make you one person, with many different faces and sides. Your multiplicities make you interesting.
multiplicity“A living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of the changes at any moment taking place in it”Herbert Spencer

Somehow I always imagined you have to be one person, and one person alone. I mean, I know I am not more than one human being, it’s not like I have multiple personalities or something. But what I mean is, sometimes it feels as if there’s a Samantha for every occasion inside me, and it depends on my surroundings and my mood (and possibly other external factors too, such as the weather) whichever Sam comes out.

For a long time I thought this was an unnatural and bad thing, until I realised it’s not. I wrote a post about wearing a mask once, and I think this one might be the follow-up. In addition to wearing a mask and never showing the real you, maybe it’s possible that ALL masks ARE the real you! You simply cannot show your true self to everyone, so you give them little pieces instead.

What if every little bit of character, talent, trait, upbringing, etcetera you harbour inside you and bring out in different mixes according to the situations you find yourself in, are nothing but pieces of the real you? What if all those pieces, all those different faces combined, make up who you really are? Just like a jigsaw puzzle?

This makes so much sense to me, I finally understand why sometimes I am a doormat and sometimes I am a b*tch. Why sometimes I am utterly stupid and sometimes I am super alert. I don’t have to be grown-up and tranquil and wise all the time, I simply need to pick my moments for it.

I suppose it’s impossible to always be at one end of the stick, meaning, for example, a perfectionist such as myself also has her chaotic moments, be it less than other people. We have it all inside us, it just depends which way the scale leans how we end up.

This is a revelation for me. I am a goof-ball, a nerd, a hard worker, a wise-ass, and so much more! All in one! In the picture above I’m even a manga figure (and a panda)!

If, like me, you are looking for who you really are, stop searching for just one answer. You are so much more than just one label could ever make out. You are dynamic, ever-changing, and fascinating. You are a pure example of multiplicity. So many faces, all rolled into one.

Or in my case, all rolled into one picture 😉

5 thoughts on “Multiplicity (aka The Many Faces We Have Make Us Whole)”

    1. Well, sometimes I feel like it’s more than just emotions; I feel like someone far from who I think I am. Or I say or do something that leaves me in wonder.

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  1. This post is deep 🙂

    I agree perhaps there is no such thing as a single, eternal, unchangeable, true self. We human adapt to our environments. It is more of our actions, rather than internal thoughts and emotions alone, that define who we are.

    In a broad sense, we are all actors, playing the roles without written scripts. The roles may be our chosen (count yourself as lucky), or imposed by our circumstances (that is life). Unlike movie actors, most of time we have to play without rehearsal. So we do screwed up things (but even actors suck often).

    If we look at life this way, one thing stands out: what roles we want to play, or what stories we tell ourselves. These choices dictate how we act. In particular, I find if one is dissatisfied with current situation, and wants to change, then it is much easier to first change his environment. Indeed, our environment defines the norms, the rules, and the expectations we are supposed to live up to. You cannot beat the system if you are in a wrong one, because you cannot change everyone in that system. It is relatively easier to find a system or micro-environment that fits the roles you want to play. In that sense, we are both the actor and the director of our show 🙂

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