Heart to Post

Sunday Summary

(Week 24)

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold”Bob Marley

Another seven days have passed, which means another seven items of gained knowledge are ready for you to feast your eyes upon! 😉 Although I have to admit that my scribbles also include some points I jotted down before going on a holiday, but that’s not really important.

  1. How other people see you is never how you see yourself. My ex-sports buddy confided in me that both her and her sister see my bodily figure as their ideal. In other words: they wish they looked like me, and the way I look is sort of their goal to reach through working out. For me, this is nearly incomprehensible as I’ve only just come to terms with my awesomeness. I’ve always thought terribly of my figure and would never in a million years have thought anybody could look up to me and say something like this. In fact, I never knew otherwise than that people openly said I was ugly, not the other way around (let alone see me as their ideal). It just goes to show: the way you see yourself and the way others see you is not the same.
  2. If money can’t buy it, it’s probably priceless. Luck. Health. Happiness. Love. All things worth having, yet none is for sale. You could spend all your money towards gaining one or the other, yet still it’s not actually buy-able. Be happy with the little things life gives you, enjoy that what you get for free and what makes you happy, such as good weather, the smell of blossom, the sight of young ducklings (unless it’s baby geese. If you see those: turn around and RUN!). I don’t understand why some people strive to have as much money as possible, yet fail to see it won’t make them happier in the end. Real happiness isn’t for sale.
  3. Nobody is perfect, so don’t stay mad for too long. Before I travelled to Canada, my ex-sports buddy phoned me up to wish me a good trip. Right after I arrived in Vancouver, I received another message from another friend, asking me how my flight had been and had I arrived safely? Two days later another friend sent me a text asking me how my travel preparations were going, and wished me a happy journey after I told her I had already landed.
    Conclusion: everyone I care for took the time to ask me how I was doing and wish me a safe and good trip.
    All but one.
    At first I told myself she’d probably been too busy, as always, but the nagging feeling stayed. Then her birthday came and went and I remember sitting on the bus with my phone in hand, thinking: “I could send her a message now, I still have Wi-Fi”, but eventually not doing so since I had already ordered a birthday card to be delivered at her home AND I still hadn’t heard form her. I thought if I wasn’t worth ten seconds of her time to send a text, I wouldn’t bother either.
    I didn’t hear from her until a week after I got home. And it wasn’t until I talked to my client that I realised I was not just feeling hurt and anger towards my friend (I understand everyone’s got their own life and I know she’s super-busy, but she’s always super-busy and sending a text takes less than thirty seconds, so come on!), but I was also feeling worried. Like I said, she’s always super-busy, but this year she managed to make her life extra-super-mega-busy, adding not only an upcoming wedding into the mix, but also by buying a house that (apparently) needs a lot of work done.
    I know she brings it onto herself, but nobody is perfect. I understand she cannot see the importance of events in other people’s lives, as she is too swallowed up in hers, and it makes me feel sorry for her. Mad and sorry, but the anger is slowly diminishing as the worry grows. Nobody is perfect and anger eats energy, so don’t stay mad for too long. Try to work it out and move on.
  4. In addition to the former point: Fight bad energy with good energy! I swear the house I live in is haunted -_- Whenever I am in my bedroom or the bath room, I get ambushed by negative feelings, thoughts, and bad memories. So much so it wears me out mentally. But what I did this week was throw away all the bad stuff and ask for good, vibrant, positive memories. “Just give me something positive!”
    Before too long, the negativity declined. It’s still there (haunted, I swear!), but it gets less the more I ask for positive things.
    So whatever bad energy you come across: hit it with some positivity and see what happens!
  5. From Canada: The “play dead”-pose. In case you encounter a wild bear, here’s what you should do. First, try to back away slowly, while not making eye-contact, and soothe your voice saying nice things to the bear (I swear I got this from a leaflet, I did not make this up!). In most cases this works, as the bear should be more scared of you than the other way around. When he’s out of sight, you can make a run for it.
    However, if the bear does not flee from you but gets aggressive, here’s the Play Dead-pose: throw yourself onto the ground face-down, spread your legs so the bear can’t roll you over, and place your hands in the back of your neck. Do not remove your backpack/bag, do not throw candy at the bear for distraction, and whatever you do, do NOT run away (they will see you as prey and hunt you down – you cannot outrun a bear!).
    I’m not exactly sure how this will help me survive in the Netherlands, but you never know when you might need this info, so I better memorise it!
  6. Hamsters growl. Serious business! They look all sweet an innocent, but when my mother tried to pick up our guest hamster (don’t ask) to place him from his travel home into his humongous cage, he growled at her and tried to attack her!
    Sneaky little monsters, they are! And what’s up with those cheek pouches!? Why can’t they just accept and EAT treats like my gerbils (and other normal rodent-pets)? I admit they look adorable, but other than that they’re not my kind of pets…
  7. Paper-wisdom! This one is exceptionally accurate, as my Earworm Of The Week (see below) will explain: I am learning to let go of matters just like leaves let go in autumn. Bang on, if you ask me! This is exactly what I did in Banff, while listening to the song below. I feel kind of guilty, though, for letting go of so much emotional crap in such a beautiful place, but I feel lighter, lifted of my sorrows, and I can recommend this to anyone. Take some distance from your everyday life, find a quiet spot, choose a song you like and just bawl it all out. That’s it: let it all go. Just like those leaves 😉

There’s only one way to end a Sunday Summary, so here it is: the Earworm Of The Week. Like last week’s Earworm this song helped me unwind and get rid of a lot of anger, bad energy, and past sorrows I had carried with me for way too long. If anything, it’s a great song to let go!

Let’s have a great week 25, everyone!


19 thoughts on “Sunday Summary”

  1. Nobody has ever told me they wish they had a body like mine, so you’re one up on me there. Also, I’m glad you’re not angry with your friend any longer too. People make all sorts of mistakes at all sorts of times, but if they aren’t trying to be nasty, it’s probably better not to take offense.

    I was very interested in the bear advice. I’ve never seen a bear in the wild, but just in case I do, I’ve been practicing all sorts of nice things I can say to it:

    “Your claws are beautiful. Have you had them professionally clipped?
    “I love what you’ve done with your fur!”
    “What is that scent? It really suits you.”

    I was sorry to hear about the ferocious hamster your mother had to deal with in the very next paragraph. I hope she didn’t panic but instead threw herself on the ground face down, spread her legs, and placed her hands on the back of her neck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never in a million years would have thought anyone would see me as an example, let alone a physical one :’) It’s hilarious if you ask me, but also a huge compliment 🙂
      I know, but sometimes it’s hard not to take offence because it happens a lot and for once I’d just like to receive a little interest rather than always give it and never getting any back. But oh well, I’ll try to talk to her. I know she never means any harm, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when she’s being ignorant :p
      Haha, yes, well, you can joke about it, but that’s just about what our guide really said! ;’) “Good bear, nice bear, you look really sweet” etcetera. Better practice up before you really meet one! you NEVER know!
      The Hamster Saga continues: last night my mother tried to pet it, then it flung itself on its back and started waving its little paws ferociously at my mum :’) It happened a few times, apparently it’s scared of my mother now, haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In the days when I still had a cat, it used to do much the same thing as the hamster. Perhaps it just wants its tummy tickled. Okay, scratch that! Silly idea! 🙂


                1. I suppose. Although I reckon I could eat leftovers for at least two days. Also, is it common to be askes in restaurants if you want a doggy-bag? They don’t do that in the Netherlands, you have to ask yourself if you want one.


                  1. We don’t ask for doggy bags any more. We just ask if we can get a box for our leftovers. I think doggy bag is kind of an old term, here anyways. Did they use that in Canada? Do they use it in the Netherlands?

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Well, actually they asked us if we wanted our leftovers wrapped up to take home. I just love saying doggy-bag, didn’t know the term had expired :p But in the Netherlands it’s not common to ask for your leftovers to be bagged up for you :/


    1. Hamsters are dull! They only come alive when the sun’s down. Gerbils are way more fun (I need something to both look at and -sort of- cuddle).
      Perfection in many cases in unattainable. But yes, many people (*cough* me *cough*) keep aiming for it nonetheless.
      Thanks for stopping by, Tony 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice one, Samantha. Regarding number three about anger, Mark Twain said, “Anger is an acid that does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than the object on which it is poured.” Love that quote.

    Liked by 1 person

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