Luck (aka I Should Have Bought A Lottery Ticket!)

[Noun; ~ Pronunciation: /luhk/]

  • Definition: Finding that, for a change, everything in a day is going right. The weather works for you, karma seems to be laughing at you kindly, and all you had to do to exploit this possible sheer window of extreme luck, was to buy a lottery ticket! Which I didn’t, so I guess my luck is over.
Luck“With luck on your side, you can do without brains”Giordano Bruno

The little figurine in the photo is from my first trip to Ireland, and I always hoped it would bring me luck. Which, of course, is silly, considering this is one out of a million made. But still, a girl can hope.

Now, another thing I’m always worried about is karma: I try to be the best person I can be, so I’ll build up my good karma and hopefully be able to use that one day when in need of some help. Or whatever.

But today things happened rather strangely. It started this morning, as I rose early to what would turn into a beautiful, sunny day. Please note that sunny days in the Netherlands mean hot, damp, oxygen-low days. We don’t know normal heat like other countries do, we know breathing-problem-damp-like-air-heat. Just to paint a picture.

I wanted to go on a run, which I usually do on Fridays or Sundays, but I am meeting up with a friend tomorrow and Sunday’s no good either as my niece is turning two and we’re expected to come early. So, today was going to be the best pick for a run, but I needed to be early in order to outsmart the sun (and rising dampness).

Apart from having to take an extra break, I finished my training without dying of shortness of air. Woohoo! About half an hour after I got back, the air was so warm and sticky, even setting a foot outside was proving to be dangerous. This was Luck Point One.

Luck Point Two happened a few hours later, as me and my parents went to a store to buy some things we don’t necessarily need (it’s one of those cheap bargains-shops and no matter how many times you tell yourself you only need that ONE THING, you always find yourself going home with armloads of useless items).

Anyway, my parents saw a suitcase for sale and decided to buy it, only to find out there was a smaller one inside when we got home! Turns out the check-out lady hadn’t searched the suitcase, and although my parents were at first convinced they had bought a set, a quick Internet search and scan of their receipt told us otherwise. Now, normally we’d be all honest and return it, but the store’s a fair bit away and it wasn’t my parent’s fault: they didn’t know there was another one inside. We ruled it as Luck Point Two (fair’s fair: karma was going to bite me in the butt about this later. Or rather: in the toe).

Then, as I was yet again thinking I didn’t like the thought of having to go to my client tomorrow (not because I don’t like her, I do, but because it’s so hot and moving a finger makes you pant, I can’t imagine running through someone’s home, cleaning everything, would be enjoyable), said client texted me she’s got an extra meeting tomorrow and has to cancel our appointment. I say Luck Point Three.

As I was about to celebrate this last fact by throwing my hands into the air going: “Whoop whoop!”, I shifted in my seat and managed to get the chair’s leg onto my left toe. I’m not sure if there’s a name for the toe (much like “index finger” or “thumb” makes it easy to distinguish which finger exactly you mean), but it’s the second one from the left.

It hurts, it pounds, and I swear I saw some blood (my parents disagree heavily on this last matter, though).

Serves me right for finding luck in someone else’s ignorance, I suppose…

But still, today was a good day! I should have bought a lottery ticket or one of those scratch cards to see how far I could push it. Would be nice to win some money.

Then again, money doesn’t make you happy. A little luck does 🙂

PS: Oh, and even though I don’t really watch football/soccer, my day really started by reading in the newspaper that Iceland made it to the next round of the European Championships. Go Ísland! 😀

4 thoughts on “Luck (aka I Should Have Bought A Lottery Ticket!)”

  1. Great story. I love your energy! ☺

    Yeah, I can’t stand those humid days. I get light-headed in such conditions. Very unpleasant. Can totally relate!

    Hope your toe is feeling better. Hugs☺🌷

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I guess what really made us happy could well be the ways we frame/phrase things. In other words, the perspective we take matters. Of course, that perspective may be influenced by the long-term attitude and short-term mood. So, I would say, it may well be you are in good mood today in the first place. And that good mood in turn gives you the perspective to ‘see’ the luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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