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Sunday Summary

(Week 25)

“I am always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught”Winston Churchill

It is the end of the week (and weekend), which means it’s time to summarize what I’ve learned these seven days:

  1. Patience is key. Barbara Benagh told me this. If you wonder who she is, Barbara made a DVD with AM and PM yoga exercises for beginners which I have a copy of. I cannot say I am a die-hard yoga-person or that I’d like to be, but I can honestly say I try my best every now and then. Last time I did so was last Monday, and I chose a 40+ minute PM yoga workout. Just when I was gasping for air and wondering how the heck Barbara managed to get her foot so high up in the air, stretching her leg to the fullest and all, she said it: “patience is key.” I know practice makes perfect, but I was gladly reminded patience is quite important, too. Basically, just don’t give up and keep trying. Even if things go slow, change is already happening.
  2. Pick-pockets often work in groups. Here’s a common personal deception: a pick-pocket is a loner. Well, guess again! After seeing a TV special about con-men in foreign countries I am completely in the loop (I know I watch too much TV, but there’s so much to learn! And what else is there to do when the weather is bad? Exactly). Pick-pockets often operate in small groups of 3-6 people. They’ll surround you very subtly, closing you off from your friends or whoever you’re travelling with, then distract you, pick-pocket you and swiftly fan out and disappear. And the most brilliant part of it is, I am sure I’m not the only one who always thought they work alone! So instead of looking for a group of dubious people, you look for one creepy person!
    Except now that I told you this, of course. Now you know to look out for clusters of potential pick-pockets. And they’re everywhere…
  3. Hardship is necessary in order to grow as a human being. One of the things I keep struggling with is my place on this planet. What is my role? What am I supposed to be doing? And if I am meant for “greatness”, how come the path leading towards my destiny is so bland and long? Pondering life is a great way to get in touch with your inner being, and with the Universe for that matter, and eventually I came to realise that if everything you want in life was to be handed to you on a silver platter, then how could you possible learn from it? How would you be able to appreciate it if you never had to work for it?
    I always imagined you needn’t find your destiny as it would find you, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe having to fight to find a goal in life will make it more worthwhile.
  4. The road home is always toughest. Sounds so deep, doesn’t it? It hit me as I returned from a run. I can’t seem to dose my energy correctly, meaning I start off too fast and don’t always have plenty of air left in my lungs by the time I get home. Hence, the road home is toughest!
    Then I thought about returning from a holiday, which always kind of fills me with a sense of despair. I mean, it means your vacation is over and you need to get back to everyday life. And think about all the lovely people you met and who you’ll be leaving behind.
    Then I thought about experiencing something incredibly awful or sad, making you long for home. Home, where you’ll find comfort in your surroundings, your safe haven. Even then the road home is toughest, because when you want to get there as fast as you can every minute feels like a minute too long.
  5. Life is not always a competition. My ex-sport buddy is driving me insane. She took a personality test a little while ago and it said she’s very competitive. Now that she knows that, she seems to use it as an excuse to be even more so, in every aspect of life. We’re going for a run next Thursday. She’s recently started training and I’ve been training for over a year (all in all). I don’t mind adjusting my speed to hers, but she told herself she needs to be able to keep up with me and made herself go on a twenty-five minute run. When I told her it’s okay to not (in this case) outrun someone as I was in for the social aspect, she said: “Well, it’s in my character, you know that.”
    By then I realised you don’t always have to be the best. In fact: you cannot always be the best! There’ll always be someone faster, smarter, more creative or more talented than you. Best to accept that, take a step back and not push yourself beyond your limits in order to prove that… what? You live up to your test results? :p Take it easy, enjoy the ride that’s called life. You only get one ticket to it anyway.
  6. For small retainer-issues, do not consult your orthodontist but see your dentist instead. I’ve had braces during my early twenties, leaving me with what they call a retainer (two small wires attached to the backside of both my upper and lower teeth). My orthodontist ensured me that if anything were ever to happen to my retainer, he was only a call away. So when I noticed one of the glue-blobs (to fasten the wire to my teeth) was loosening I didn’t hesitate to phone him up indeed. I went there, his assistant fixed it in about five minutes, and off I went.
    A few weeks ago I received the bill: nearly thirty-five Euros! Enclosed was a brief letter in which was explained my health insurance didn’t cover it and could I please pay within thirty days?
    Today, I saw my eldest sister and she’s a dentist. I told her my story and she said she’s done such work for her clients sometimes. Just easy-peasy, re-fastening a glue-blob-thingy. When a dentist does it, it’s described as a dental action and not an orthodontist one, meaning my health insurance will cover it completely.
    I feel like a thief of my own wallet. And I was only playing by the rules 😦
  7. Let’s end this list with some paper-wisdom, shall we? Life is not a problem to be fixed. It is a mystery to be lived. I just decided to view my life situation as a “problem” and set out to find the “solution”, but now I get this! It’s like the Universe is trying to tell me something… Eerie.
    Anyway, my paper is probably right. Instead of thinking in terms of problems, we ought to think in terms of adventures. The solutions will come to us eventually (I hope).

Earworm Of The Week-time! This particular song is great to start a run on, as the beat is just right! Hope you enjoy it!

Keep safe, stay healthy, and never stop learning.

Have a good week, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary”

  1. “Maybe having to fight to find a goal in life will make it more worthwhile.”

    —True. I guess everything in life that worth having takes efforts.

    “Well, it’s in my character, you know that.”

    —Funny. The best ones I know of, intellectually or physically, are mostly humble bunch. Perhaps you should read her super competitiveness as a sign of insecurity?


    1. Yes, it is. And my friend is very insecure, this must be her way of hiding. I reckon she only does it when she’s at ease with someone or a situation, enough to throw in some competition :p


  2. And converted into the format of fortune cookie fortunes:

    1. Patience now will bear fruit in season
    2. Beware of someone who covets your resources
    3. A sudden blow will make you stronger
    4. Your travels will soon turn toward home
    5. You will learn something from a talented contact
    6. You will save money tenfold by not paying American prices
    7. A coming surrender will set you free

    Don’t you agree that these are better than the crap fortunes you usually get in fortune cookies. If you know any Chinese bakers in the Netherlands, I will accept the job of fortune cookie writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Strangely, we do not really do fortune-cookies in the Netherlands. We knoe them, you can buy them in stores and some restaurants do give them. But what we call ‘Chinese food’ is actually more Indonesian food.
      Nevertheless, you definitely should invest into this talent of yours as your fortunes have a nice ring to them.

      Liked by 1 person

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