Hotsy-Totsy (aka Happy Holidays!)

[Adjective; ~ Pronunciation: /hot-see-tot-see/]

  • Definition: Wondering how far some people will go to make their Christmas celebrations perfect, and whether they are focusing on making everything hotsy-totsy or enjoying themselves even with a few flaws in their party arrangements.
hotsy_totsy“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree”
– Roy L. Smith –

Surprisingly, I always thought Christmas was about the birth of Jesus, peace on Earth and kindness for one another. But even when I was a little girl (think age five, six) I thought it strange that soldiers all over the world would put their guns down and be kind to each other, only to take up war again the next day. Why kill each other? If you can be good to someone for one day, surely you can continue that loving behaviour for a few days more, if not forever?

(Don’t blame me, it’s what our teacher told us what happened during Christmas. It just never made sense to me…)

Today I went to a store. Nothing spectacular, just a supermarket. And let me tell you this: if Christmas is all about peace on Earth, it’s definitely not about peace in supermarkets! Jeanie Mac, I had to practically fight a woman for a few tomatoes! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD!?

I think a lot of people are losing it: the meaning of Christmas. Heck, maybe even the meaning of life! Because why only be good to each other once a year?

Humans in well-faring countries seem to care only about one thing in December: throwing the best, most hotsy-totsy Christmas party ever. With lots of food, over-paid presents, candy, a massive decorated tree, and even more food. Because imagine having no leftovers from Christmas. That’d be a sin.

Hotsy-totsy was the word of the day on Dictionary.com a few days ago. It’s a funny way of saying something is perfect. As you all know (or will learn right now) I am a perfectionist. I really am. I want everything better than good and preferably 110% over 100%.

But enjoying yourself is not something you can enforce. Neither is peace on Earth or being kind to one another. And surely you can’t make Jesus be born again, because that happened aeons ago!

Ergo, Christmas cannot be perfect. If you don’t believe me, simply enter any type of store and you’ll see I am right. So instead of focusing on food, maybe we could focus on what this season was originally about: love. Have a little respect for each other, be kind while enjoying yourself.

And do NOT attack innocent people who are putting tomatoes in a bag, thank you!

The thing is: there is no gauge to measure how well you did during the holiday season, there will be nobody knocking on your door to tell you your score for this year’s celebrations, as it is not a competition. And now that we know this, we can let it go, release the pressure and enjoy our time with friends and family.

I wish you all very happy and hotsy-totsy holidays! Be kind, be good, and be… Jesus? No, just be kind, that’ll do.

Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hotsy-Totsy (aka Happy Holidays!)”

  1. Samantha, we were in a grocery store this morning at 730 AM our time and people even then were pushing their carts like they were being timed…like maybe only allowed thirty seconds to grab all their groceries? A true “Hunger Games” if you will. I did see a struggle in the tomatoes section so that must be a universal issue this time of year. Fortunately we already were stocked up on them. Trying to get some pastries was a bit of a challenge – no blood but some bruises. The person in front of us at check-out forgot their wallet. Yes, that was us waiting patiently (arrggghhh) in line while they went out to get it. Wonderful post. Merry Christmas!

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