Energy (aka How My Search For More Energy Led To Vitamin B Poisoning)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /en-er-jee/]

  • Definition: According to The Secret it’s the one thing everything is made out of, the one thing that combines us all, and the only thing we’ll never be without. According to me, there’s definitely a shortage of personal energy going on at this very moment. I blame the weather.
“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them” – Henry Ford

The idea that everything in the Universe, including us humans, is made out of everlasting energy is one of the few things I actually appreciated from reading The Secret.

Too bad my energy seems to deplete more and more each day.

I honestly blame the weather, because I always feel like this when the seasons change from Winter to Spring and from Summer to Autumn. Usually my lethargy lasts for a few weeks after which my body adjusts to the new weather conditions.
But somehow, this year, the weather is messed up. Take this week, for example. It’s been nothing but sunshine, rain, hail, snow (!), storms and thunder all day long. It’s something else every two minutes! You can’t possible dress for it, let alone enjoy it! My mind can’t comprehend and neither can my body. I keep going from hot to cold and back, and I simply can’t keep my energy balanced.

So in order to get a grip on my zombie-state (which usually happens around 3pm or so – by then my eyelids simply get too heavy to stay open and my mouth loses its function to speak), I eventually did what everyone would have done: I searched Google.

After a thorough online research the conclusion was I should increase my vitamin B consumption. Which, to add to my happiness, apparently also works miracles for damaged facial skin, and since mine breaks out even by the thought of cheese and/or chocolate, I thought this would be a win-win situation!

Of course, I forgot I am blonde.

What happened is, I already take multivitamins which include pretty much all variations of vitamin B. I thought I’d be smart and cut back the multivitamins from two pills a day to one, adding one vitamin B pill to the mix. This meant a daily consumption of vitamin B supplements that was 250% of the Recommended Daily Allowances. Which I thought would be fine, because I have used vitamin B supplements in the past and I remembered the surplus leaving my body through natural ways.

At first, I felt better indeed. Less tired, more capable of keeping my eyes open during the day and sprinting up to my room to change my clothes trying to match it to whatever the weather was up to now.

Then one day I noticed this strange pain on the right side of my body, near my upper ribs. But because I exercise a lot, I initially assumed I pulled a muscle.

It wasn’t until I was in Dublin that the pain got worse and I ended up barely able to stand up from a seated position, let alone walk. And it wasn’t until that faithful day where I forgot to take my vitamin pills and the pain instantly grew less, that I started thinking maybe 250% was a bit much after all.

I’m not sure if it was official vitamin B poisoning, but it looks great in my title and I can’t help thinking if you keep shooting yourself up with something your body doesn’t want and clearly can’t get rid of by itself, you are, in fact, poisoning yourself.

For now, I’ve stopped taking any vitamin supplement and I feel better each time I wake up. Which is not only late in the morning, but also late in the afternoon. Because despite being almost pain-free, my energy has dropped again and has left me as lethargic as before.

But if the choice is between either not being able to function properly due to tiredness and not being able to function due to vitamin B pains that keep you from doing anything at all, the decision is simple, because nothing is worth poisoning your own body for!

And maybe this leaves me tired, but at least I can *try* and sleep it off ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Wednesday Wisdom-Tile


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Tuesday’s Making Up For A Missed Sunday Summary

(Week 16)

sunday_summary_new“You may delay, but time will not”Benjamin Franklin

Another belated summary today. As it turned out, the apartment I was in during my weekend in Dublin didn’t have free WiFi, but was WiFi free. Oh well. I don’t think I would have had time to blog with two small children running around like headless chickens, flicking every switch in all the rooms on and off while trying to bash each other’s heads in with their stuffed animals (it was a family weekend and my sister brought her kids).

Needless to say I learned a lot last weekend, but that’s for next summary. Tonight, here’s what I learned last week:

  1. Even in horror films there are always good moments. Just like in real life. Everything comes with ups and downs, and even if you know a character is going to die in the movie, you’ll see “happy scenes” where they are having tons of fun right before being hit by a machete (or anything else Jason Voorhees can get his hands on). If today feels like a lost day, a bad one, know that tomorrow might be better. Even if you don’t see the light, it’s still there.
  2. Stop caring so much about everything. When you’re sick, you only care about getting better. Nothing else matters. How come it’s so difficult to have the same mindset when you’re healthy? Being a little more careless seems the way to go. The world won’t stop spinning if you don’t post your weekly summary on the scheduled day. Just saying ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Sometimes it’s better NOT to know something. I caught myself wondering what my evil aunt thinks of my mother. They’re sisters that don’t get along, and that’s softly spoken, but they are forced to cooperate regarding their deceased other sister’s inheritance. As a curious person I like to know everything about everything, but as I posed this question to myself I instantly knew I didn’t want to know the answer. It can’t be pretty and most importantly: it doesn’t matter. What matters is your own thoughts and your own opinions, not what someone else might (or might not) think about you.
  4. Don’t use fears as an excuse not to do something you really want. I think it’s safe to say that by now most people know I want to move to another country. What I keep telling myself is, however, that my parents can’t live without me. That somehow they are dependent on me, although I know that’s not (entirely) true. I also know I have a sister that will keep an eye on them if I was to emigrate, but a big part of me is worried about my family.
    A much bigger part of me is using this fear as an excuse not to pursue my dreams. The fantasy is all fine and sweet in my head, but what if reality will disappoint me? The result is that I make myself unhappy by dreaming big and living small. It’s time to get rid of the fears, and as I wrote last week (number three) the only way to do so is not listen to them and just take the leap.
  5. Self-examination on your breasts is best done with a flat hand. My mum had her annual check-up last Thursday and as usual the specialist examined her breasts (my mother is a breast cancer survivor). Mum commented on the way the specialist used her full hands instead of the two fingers most leaflets advice to use. The specialist told my mother it’s actually easier to feel abnormalities by using your full hand, as you automatically start prodding yourself when using fingers only, making it difficult to sense if there’s a knob or a lump in your breast.
    Turns out leaflets don’t know it all, after all.
  6. Never take your parents anywhere: they will drive you crazy. My parents claim they like to travel and take holidays, but I suspect nothing is less true. The mere thought of going to Dublin for the weekend stressed out my father to the extent where I was willing to jump of a bridge or maybe accidentally-on-purpose miss the flight. For some people, there should be an age limit for travelling and my father is the first this law should be applied to. He kept asking the same questions, checking, double-checking, triple-checking and tenfold-checking all paperwork, passports, bags, etcetera. In times like these he turns into a big infant, tantrums included, and he’s deaf to all reason, information, and the sound of human voices in general. Really, really annoying.
    Thank goodness the Irish seem to have an alcoholic solution for any problem ๐Ÿ˜‰
  7. Paper wisdom! This week it’s the following mantra: I will not get upset over the old, I will not be satisfied with the new. I will not mourn what is lost and I will not be dominated by desire.
    best_wishesBasically, this means: chill out. Which is exactly what I need to do after a very stressful and tiresome weekend in one of the most beautiful and fun cities I’ve ever visited. If anyone has meditation tips for n00bs, please contact me through the comments. Otherwise I feel tempted to search for an “Irish solution” to reduce my stress :p

That’s it for this week! Or, actually, for last week! Let’s end it all with the Earworm Of Last Week then, shall we?

In Irish: slรกinte!


Escape (aka My Imaginary Boyfriend Is Called Jason)

[noun; ~ Pronunciation: /ih-skeyp/]

  • Definition: I could make this really easy for myself and just say escape is a button on your keyboard, but that’s not all, is it? An escape means you get out of a tricky, awkward, uncomfortable situation or imprisonment. If only it would be as easy as hitting a button on your keyboard sometimes…
escape“We don’t create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay”Lynda Barry

First things first, I do not walk around all day proclaiming I have a boyfriend whose name is Jason. I know I am crazy, but I’m not quite that pathetic; I’ve yet to cross that bridge. What happens is, when Spring comes along a lot of people find it necessary to shower me with questions about my non-existent love life. Every year again, and it’s tiresome.

“You’re still single? It’s about time you do something about it!” – And that about a hundred times a week. It must be something in the air, making random people act all nosy and irritating around me. Or maybe they send out a secret memo to belittle me each year. Whatever. It’s annoying and none of their business.

What’s more, on the few occasions when I go out (like… twice a year or so – I seriously hate clubbing), I only get chatted up by guys nobody wants to be chatted up by. They don’t even want to be chatted up by themselves! And somehow, without exception, they always turn out to be the type of men that just won’t take a hint. Or two. Or ten. So yes, on those occasions I try to escape their attention by telling them I have a long-term boyfriend, Jason.

The thing with exaggerating is: the wilder you go at it, the more fun it becomes! So not only did I name some empty space of air Jason, I also gave him some personality. Well, if you want to escape reality, you better do a good job!

Jason is tall, strong, has zero tolerance for anything sh*t, is extremely funny in a wicked way I can highly appreciate, is great with his hands, very consistent, and, above all, he is relentless. He never gives up, he never stops until he’s done what needs to be done, he’s not afraid to get dirty while he’s achieving his goals, and no matter how hard life hits him, he always comes back.

Like, even comes back from beyond. Multiple times.

Does this ring a bell for anyone? No?

What if I say he never talks, ever? Still nothing?

How about if I said Jason made wearing a hockey mask cool? And was probably one of the first murderous zombies ever to go into space? Yeah, thought that would help you picture him in your head:

Let me get some things straight here: Jason’s not real, neither is the character he was based on. And I sure as heck don’t fancy him at all, especially without his hockey mask (gross!).
But when escaping reality by watching horrible old horror movies, I thought how brilliant Jason is as a man. Seriously, he never talks bad of anyone, because he never talks at all! He clearly knows what he wants and is very creative and persistent in getting it done. Moreover, he won’t quit until everyone’s dead (which might possibly be the only bad side of him. Without the let’s-kill-everyone-attitude he’d be perfect).

Plus, imagine being chatted up in a bar by someone you really don’t like and Jason walks in to rescue you, machete in his hands and all. Now that’d be fun (except for the part where Jason would probably cut your head off afterwards, but let’s not be fussy).

The thing is, I am tired of people sticking their noses where they shouldn’t. So what if I’m single? Who cares? I don’t, why should anyone else?

I just want to be left alone. Escape prying eyes and malicious smiles when people learn that, this year too, I have not found a match. Just as they thought I wouldn’t.

So I invented Jason. To shut them all up. Besides, let’s face it: there’s no escaping Jason, now is there? >:)

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Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

Never give up!