Gone (aka Years Can Come And Go, But Pyjamas Will Always Be Comfy)

[Verb; ~ Pronunciation: /gawn/]

  • Definition: Another year has come and gone and we now know what it had in store for us: both the good and all the bad tidings of 2016 are over. But how will we face the new year? Optimistic or with dread?
gone“Be yourself, fill your life with good people, and don’t get a big head. It can all be gone tomorrow”
– Molly Sims –

As I put on my pyjamas tonight only one thought kept repeating itself in my head: “When will this be over!?”

I came down with another case of the flu and I cannot wait for it to be gone! Away. Out of my body and my life.

Why I have to start each new year with this unwanted guest is a mystery to me, although, if you want to get all poetic and philosophical, I guess you could say it is a way to cleanse yourself from negativities of the previous year. In a way, I manage to start each new year with a fresh (albeit snotty) start.

“Gone” was today’s prompt and it couldn’t have been more accurate as many things have gone and left me as the year ended. For a starters, I lost some friends. Which is okay, because as we keep moving through life we keep finding people on our paths who will accompany us until we go in different directions.

Plus, losing friends was almost as funny as losing followers on WordPress: for every follower I lost I managed to gain at least two and for every friend I lost during 2016 I gained at least one.

My money is gone. I am definitely not happy about that, but I am happy about where it went and what it’ll help me become. I found some houses to clean, so I won’t be broke by definition, but it’ll take me a while to get back to where I was savings-wise.

But that should be a good lesson, too. One cannot understand the true value of money if there is too much of it. And as (a newly acquired) friend mentioned: you can’t take money with you when you die, so you might as well spend it on yourself. And if by doing so you get to improve yourself, then that’s a win-win situation.

I couldn’t agree more.

My goals have gone. I managed to accomplish most of them and even if that made me incredibly happy at the time, I find I am also a bit sad. They gave me a sense of being, something to work towards to, and a strange feeling of comfort as I no longer had to stress about things I’d always wanted to do: they were on my list and that meant I’d get them done.

But then I scribbled down seven new goals for 2017 (I came up with an eight one, but I forgot what it was) and felt better. A new year brings new adventures.

We cannot look into the future to see what will happen this year. We can only look back and see what has gone by. Learn lessons from the past and move on.

So after I put on my bright pink pyjamas I looked at the happy heart design and despite not being able to breathe through my nose, I couldn’t stifle a laugh. So what if I have the flu. That’ll be gone in a week, tops. There’s still 362 days left of 2017 and I am adamant to make the most of it!

I hope you are, too.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make this a good one 🙂

Did you leave anything behind in 2016? Are you happy or sad the “old” year is gone?

11 thoughts on “Gone (aka Years Can Come And Go, But Pyjamas Will Always Be Comfy)”

  1. I noticed this was written a day or two ago, so I hope you’re feeling a bit better now, Samantha. I agree with you of course that we can’t take our wealth with us when we die, but I just watched a documentary the other day about the first emperor of China. He gave it a pretty good try.

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    1. I am feeling a bit better by the day, thanks. And yea… Emperors were funny like that. I think some of the old Roman emperors tried to bring some with them to the afterlife (or maybe that money was to bribe Hades into making their stay more pleasant).

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  2. Hope you’re feeling better Samantha. Your annual New Year flu situation made me think of my bout some time back with sinus infections and strep throat. Every change of seasons I would have a sinus infection…and the ones in the winter usually dissolved into strep. Started using a neti pot to rinse the ol’ nose every few days and life changed. I rarely have issues with either condition now and have been that way for about a decade now…free of those sadly predictable illnesses…for good I hope! I left them behind in 2007 or so. As for what I left behind in 2016…some annoying mental baggage. Feel much lighter starting out the New Year!

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    1. Well, there is an epidemic doing its rounds in my country, I just got unlucky again. Possibly because I had not yet recovered from the last cold, maybe my system was weak.
      I am happy to know you found a way to avoid sinus infections and strep throat. And starting the new year lighter sounds great! I hope this feeling will remain with you throughout 2017 🙂

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    1. Happy New Year to you too, Kori! Nobody posseses the power to be positive all the time. Then again, nobody can be negative all the time (not even my dreadful aunt). Hope 2017 will be good to you 🙂


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