Fancy (aka Fancy A Fancy Fancy?)

[Verb // Adjective // Noun; ~ Pronunciation: /fan-see/]

  • Definition: Embracing the change of year by introducing change to your personal webpage. I feel so fancy because of my new lay-out, colour palette and soon-to-be-taken pictures. Let’s all get fancy this year!
“One man’s observation is another man’s closed book or flight of fancy”
– Willard Van Orman Quine –

Fancy… Is there any other word in the World that’s more complete? Not only can it be used as a verb, an adjective and a noun, it also has a very positive ring to it and it’s nice and small. Fancy a fancy fancy?

The new year has started out great, meaning I feel good, happy and upbeat. Almost as if a little bit of the good vibes from Canada have moved back into my body and mind. I suppose it’s to do with finally being stress-free since a long time! 🙂

I’ve had a lot of ideas for my blog and I wanted to implement them on its birthday, February the 15th. But then someone dissed me today and I simply couldn’t resist: I needed a little bit of fancy to fancy up my day. Prove people they are wrong about me and I am, in fact, unbreakable (hah! You thought I was going to say fancy there, didn’t you?).

And also because I just couldn’t wait another month.

Sure, the final touches need some extra attention and I’ll make sure to give them that. But for now, I am happy with the new look and changes.

For starters, I took away the Sunday Summary. It was a lot of fun doing that each week, writing down what I’d learned, but it was also a lot of work and with my eyes on the near future (as in: homework!) I might not have enough time for it. Besides, I was already missing more and more Sunday post deadlines.

The Earworms won’t leave me alone, though, so I’ll be posting a new one each Monday. And the weekends will be reserved for my dialogues with (make that “rants about”) life. I mean, life-coach-to-be, hello?

2017 is going to be great. It’s going to be a fancy year, filled with fancy moments and fancy experiences. I am sure of it. Are you?

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