Letters to Life

Letters to Life (16)

“Sometimes no quote is needed”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. Even though I usually feel the need to speak, especially when I am talking to someone in distress or agony and I want to comfort them, there are moments when no words seem appropriate.

So I learned to be silent.

It’s better to say you don’t know what to say, than say something stupid. The latter is called sympathy, did you know that? It’s when somebody talks to you about what makes them upset, and you reply with a seemingly-comforting-but-actually-quite-rude-and-ignorant remark. Such as: “My mother is ill and I am scared she will die” – “Oh cheer up, I know so many women who’ve had cancer and they all survived.” (This was actually said to me when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer).

Sometimes I don’t know what to write. I want to be positive and upbeat and inspiring, but lately everything I’ve wanted to do (homework, bake a cake, write on my blog) feels…. bland. Like it’s not “my thing” any more. I know that’s not true; it feels like that because I am grieving and everything’s covered in a layer of sadness. But I don’t want to overrun DD with my sorrow. I imagined this blog to be my bit of freedom and happiness.

I have no words to describe what’s been going on in my head. I’ve also got no words to describe my plans for the future. Right now I think I just need a little more time to get used to things, grieve, and move on. Find a way to deal with everything and recharge myself. I am sorry I cannot bring myself to be more positive right now.

Dear Life, even my random paper wisdom doesn’t know what to say. I take this as a sign from you that I need a break and settle my emotions.

Because when there is nothing left to say: don’t say anything. Just be there.



Have you ever been lost for words?

9 thoughts on “Letters to Life (16)”

  1. I’m rarely at a loss for words…but when I am it is usually because I’m beyond frustrated with something and ready to implode at any moment. In those moments there are words in the queue but they can’t get out…I just make a hissing noise until I calm back down! Fortunately, those instances aren’t that frequent. Have a good week Samantha!

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  2. “Have you ever been lost for words?” Usually when I am silenced, it is because a bunch of ideas are all tangled together, like a group of fat men all trying to go through the same doorway at once. Outlining sometimes helps, or just pacing around the room for a minute or two to get my thoughts in order.
    But I am sad for you because you are sad. I hope the present cloud passes and sunny days follow quickly. J.

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    1. Oh, it’s no fun being sad all the time 😦 I wish you’ll feel better soon! I know things need time, but sometimes I wish I could speed that up.

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  3. Sam,
    I think we all get that way at times. Take the time you need to regroup. Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Once you’re done, come up with your next moves. You will be stronger because of this process. Hugs!

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