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Earworm of the Week

Just like Mika, Britney Spears and Meghan Trainor, I strongly feel there’s an ABBA song for every occasion! 😉

I keep saying sorry for not posting more, but in addition to everything else that went wrong recently, I also found a lump under my poor gerbil’s front paw. Talk about bad luck always coming in crowds, geesh!

The vet drained the lump and it was amazing to see how much filth came out of my poor pet… At least he’s not been given the “I can’t help him anymore” talk and he’s on antibiotics for the next six days or so. I know, I know. “It’s just a gerbil”, but he is MY pet and I feel responsible to take care of him the best I can.

Anyway, life’s been mean and busy and I didn’t have time to write much. Please forgive me for posting short messages only, I’ll try to be better 😉

4 thoughts on “Earworm of the Week”

  1. I lived in London in 1977 so I heard a lot of Abba then. Still love them. I think my favorite is “The Day Before You Came.” I have Abba tracks on my iPhone and listen to them riding my bicycle. Had the mandatory crush on Agnetha.

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