Light a Candle

Light a Candle

This month’s candle is for Loki, one of my pet gerbils who died last Tuesday. I think his last visit to the vet on Monday and the draining of his cyst were too much for him. He died in my hands.

That means I naturally burn this candle for my remaining gerbil Jamie too, because he’s now alone and in need of a new friend to prevent loneliness from making him miserable. So fingers crossed I’ll manage to find a good new buddy for him soon and get them to like each other. Apparently that’s quite the task, pairing gerbils. But I owe it to Jamie to try.

Despite feeling sad, my own problems seem so small compared to what else is happening in the world, so I also burn this candle for everyone in the USA who’s been hit by Harvey and struggling to get by. Living in a country that’s known for battling water, I relate and feel for all of you. I really hope the storms will die down soon and no more victims will be made.

And finally, I burn this candle for everyone in Raqqa who’s desperately trying to survive by eating grass-soup or anything else they can get their hands on that’s remotely edible. I can’t imagine what it must be like, living in a war zone, trying to stay alive at all costs. And now having to fight not only terrorists but famine, too. In what kind of world do we live?

I hope the warmth of this candle finds your hearts, rumbling bellies and souls and will make you worry-free, even if it’s for just a second.

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

18 thoughts on “Light a Candle”

  1. I am really very sorry for your loss…I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Lost several fish in succession as a child. Haven’t dared to keep any since then…if it’s any consolation, Loki had a loving owner and a wonderful home.

    As for the world, I really have no idea why things have become so twisted. I pray it all gets better soon.

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    1. Thank you, Mahevash. I have the same fear each time a pet dies, but somehow after a few years I fall in love with another one and I do it all over again with love.

      If someone would tell me the world is to end soon, I might actually believe it. Are you doing okay? I saw on the news that parts of India are flooded, too.


      1. That is so brave you. To love IS to be vulnerable.

        So would I. Yes, thank you. My city is safe so far, but nearby places like Mumbai have not been so lucky 😦

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        1. I hope you’ll stay safe and your family too. I am watching the news right now and it’s showing images of how much rain has fallen. It’s scary to see what mother nature can (literally) throw at us.


        1. I have to. Gerbils are known to wilt away in loneliness, so for Jamie’s sake I have to find him a buddy soon. I’ve already contacted some breeders and if they can’t help me I’m going back to the pet shop.


            1. Hamsters live alone. They kill each other. Except the really small grey ones, for some reason… They can be kept in duos. Oh well.


                1. And that’d make your pets very bitter, Ben (not to mention what it would do to your kids – imagine all the bloody hamster traumas). Better stick to fish instead.


    1. I don’t think “hartelijk” would be at the best place there, but I get what you mean so thank you, Maik. I always hate losing pets, guess I am a sucker like that.

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