Light a Candle

Introducing: Lots Of Candles

It’s the last day of the month and I thought it would be a good idea to pause for a moment and think about everything that’s happened in the past 28 days. I have been constantly worrying about a lot of things, people’s healths especially, more than ever since today I learned my godmother was involved in a minor traffic accident. She’s now in hospital, nothing life-threatening, but it was a scary surprise to hear about it.

I don’t know about you or your cultures, but I was always told to light a candle whenever someone out of reach is in need of your attention. It is a way of showing you care about someone and your thoughts are with them, even if you cannot spend every waking (or sleeping!) minute actively sending prayers their way.

So, without further ado, I present to you my future Last-Day-Of-The-Month post: Light a Candle.


I dedicate February’s candle to my godmother: may she have a speedy recovery, and to my dear friend C, who’s recently had her last chemo therapy and needs all the positive energy she can get (yes, I am still burning my house down with candles for you ;)).

You can create your own post, re-blog this one or use my comment section to tell me:

Who (dead or alive) are you burning this candle for?

Let’s burn WordPress down with our positive thoughts and electronic candles! 🙂

Heart to Post

Earworms Of The Week

First of all: sorry for being absent. Normally I visit everyone’s blog at least once a week to stay updated, but my head’s been so full and I’ve been so exhausted I simply couldn’t get to it. Add that to a new weekly routine and you’ve got a mess, haha. I promise I’ll get back to you all, it’s just going to take a little longer than I intended.

On a “full mind” note: I present you with not one but TWO Earworms! Although, I must admit the second one is to help you cope with the physical unpleasantness you’re bound to experience (cover your ears!) from number one.

And yes, to the people who remember: it’s that time of the year again (or check the song in this one for more horror!).

Cheers and take care of yourselves! Let’s make this week worth it! 🙂

This is seriously one of the big “carnaval hits” of 2017. Don’t ask me why. The chorus goes a bit like this: “You cannot get that smile off my face/That’s something you’d wish you could”, followed by a lot of blah. It’s about a man being provoked by his ex and even if his heart wants her back, he keeps putting a smile on his face to show her he’s over her.

Okay, done with that one, let’s get to the good stuff!

Heart to Post

Thursday Wisdom-Tile


This one is for everyone fighting an unfair battle. Don’t let setbacks hold you back, no matter how big they seem. Fare through the storm and cross that ocean!

(I know I am behind on my blogging schedule, but bear with me please. I’ll get back to everything and everyone as soon as I can :))

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (7)


“Happiness is right here when I decide to stop thinking it is elsewhere”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

What is time? Time is too little lately, sorry to be blunt. But twenty-four hours in one day just doesn’t seem enough!

Last week was a busy week; I had clients every day and after only two days I was exhausted. Two days, two clients! What is two days in the life of a healthy thirty-year-old? I felt like a grandma; my body just didn’t feel up to it. Any of it! At one point I was in bed before the clock had hit 10 pm…

If I wanted to break the impression I am boring, this surely doesn’t help to boost my aura.

I tell myself to do quite a few things: I make daily to-do lists for several reasons. The first one being it makes me happy when I get to tick off something (from any list, really. I love lists in general). Secondly, it gives me feeling of purpose. Boredom is no longer a mentionable part of my life. And finally, when I start to stress out over “all the things I still need to do in so little time!”, I can tell myself that if I’ll “stick to my schedule” I’ll be fine. F.I.N.E.

Except I am not.

Maybe I keep biting off more than I can chew. Maybe my brains are all set to go full blast task-fulfilling and my body isn’t. Maybe the problem is I have started seeing everything as a task and as a result of that I no longer really enjoy myself. Maybe it’s a combination of all three or something completely different I am overlooking. But whatever it is, I am finding it more and more difficult to spend my time wisely.

My brains are on, non-stop. Even when I am vacuuming or mopping someone’s floor I catch myself thinking of things that need to get done or stuff that happened and left me sad or in distress. I am constantly processing things. Which is normal – we all do it – but it usually happens at night when we sleep. My brains do it all day long, so it seems, and it makes time seem like an even stranger factor it already is. For what would happen if I’d spend all that time thinking and brewing up situations that never happen(ed) on me? To find time to relax, to quiet my mind?

Last Sunday I had a fun meeting planned with friends but instead of looking forward to it I was reluctant to go. Because it felt like I was losing my grip on time: when was I supposed to recollect myself when all I do is give my time to others?
Eventually I had a blast and I was happy I had decided to not be the grumpy-stay-at-home-one. That I hadn’t forotten having fun is an important part of composing yourself, especially when facing a lack of energy.

Time, Life. I need more of it. Or at least a better understanding of it. If I was an ancient Greek philosopher, time would be my archè: the matter that holds the world together and is ever present.

We all have it, we all lose it. And one day our time will be up. So better spend it wisely, right?

Instead of fixating on all the things I have to do in all the time I don’t have, I’ll try and focus on the time I have at hand and how I am experiencing it at that moment. Living in the moment. Perhaps that’s the best way to go through life.


What do you do when time is not on your side?
Heart to Post

Earworm Of The Week

I DO feel better when I’m dancing! Don’t you?