Light a Candle

Light a Candle

It’s the last day of the month and it’s time to light another candle for someone who’s in need of positive energy! This month I would like to light a candle for C., my friend who is losing her battle against cancer, T. and R., my sister and brother-in-law, who need all the love and understanding they can get. And finally, an old client of mine who has recently been operated on a heart disfunction and is now recovering from surgery.

This candle is for all of you! Hopefully its light, warmth and positive energy will find its way to you.

Who will you light this candle for? Let me know in the comments!


Distraction (aka If You Have A Problem…)

  • Definition: (To finish the sub title:) If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can get a photo of you with Face from the original A-Team hidden in the background to help you distract your mind from all negative business going on otherwise. (I swear he was there! I nearly choked when I saw him!)

“You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one”
– Tom Kite –

As childhood heroes go, I was a sucker for The A-Team. Really, any member, I couldn’t pick a favourite. And know that by the time I was watching the shows I was living off re-runs of re-runs. In fact, I think my eldest sister was already living off re-runs, and we differ seven years, so go figure.

So imagine my excitement when I learned Dirk Benedict aka FACE (!!) was to visit Dutch Comic Con (DCC). AND I HAD TICKETS! (Well, me and my eldest sister, because what good is it to go alone while you can be in great company?)

Now imagine my disappointment when I learned Face’d be doing a Q&A at 10:15am and we weren’t to arrive until  11am…

Now imagine my renewed excitement when I found this A-Team van just standing there, waiting to have its picture taken with me (also notice the tiny B.A. Baracus inside – WHOOP!), and then walking around it and seeing Face in an enclosed space singing autographs for fans.

I thought it was a bit too much to buy either a photo or signature ticket (they cost more than the entrance fee and would allow you to only either have your photo taken with one celebrity of choice or get his/her autograph), so I wasn’t allowed into the area, but just seeing Dirk sit there, alive and well, interacting with other humans, was great.

After all the drama my brains have had to endure (by no means do I want to imply my hardship is worse than the people actually going through that what makes my heart break – it is not!), it was a blast hanging out at DCC. I am not one for big crowds, but somehow the ambience at DCC was perfect for me. It’s mellow, it’s loveable (I didn’t get bumped into once), people who dressed up were accepted, people who didn’t dress up were accepted. It’s always all-round good vibes. Even having to wait for my yearly Swirl’s didn’t bother me at all!

Truthfully, I was very bummed out I didn’t get to sit in on Face’s Q&A. But I soon learned Lennie James was attending DCC, too, so me and my sister had our lunch while he answered lots of questions about The Walking Dead. Besides, what question would I have had to ask Dirk? I had no idea. Therefore, seeing him live in the distance was more than good enough.

Days like these are rare and very much needed. Sometimes you actively need to seek distraction from your worries and live life, enjoy it, even if it’s only for a day. Just let go and hug a few Power Rangers (okay, so there were only a red and a blue one and they were wearing funny weird outfits so I didn’t feel too obliged to ask them for a picture or a hug. Plus, we got losing scratch cards from them so no extra incentive there).

The A-Team… they always made things right back in the days, and they still do so today. I better brush off my DVD collection (which came in a cardboard van – lol! I am such a nerd) so I have my distraction at hand when needed 🙂

What gives your brains a sometimes much needed distraction? Who were (or are) your childhood heroes?
Heart to Post

Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

So be kind, everyone, and have a very good Wednesday! 🙂

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (11)

“You sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire”
– Random Paper Wisdom (but the original quote is from Ramses Shaffy) –

Dear Life,

What’s your deal? I mean, I keep trying to figure out how you work, but I can’t fathom it all. Lately a new dilemma has arisen: what do you look like?

Is there a Big Life we are all part of? Like you are one big, ever moving stream and when we get born we just get thrown in, taking in our place within the whole? Or do we each get our own little part of you and together they make up the big picture?

In other words: are we swimming in an endless ocean of you or do we make up that ocean instead? Do you exist even if we all were to go extinct tomorrow? Or would you, Life, wilt away with us?

The reason why I ask is because I am confused. I always assumed everyone was part of something bigger than ourselves, an intangible thing that lives on even if the parts we play in it end. But that raises the question: what is the purpose of you, Life? If we each have our own tasks to do for the greater good, then surely you must have a goal of your own. Something that’s bigger than any living person, something we ought to help you achieve (even if we don’t know what it is).

But if we all get our own piece of Life with birth it would mean we are here for our own good. That our Life is precious, because when we lose it there’s no one to step in and take our place. That we are more than mere workers for the Greater Good, and we are here to learn a lesson.

I think during the past days my perspective of you, Life, has changed. From the former thought to the latter. It has to do with all the negative things you’ve been throwing at me and the people I care about, and for the love of the Universe I cannot think of a reason why you would do this. Why you would sit back and take away some of your own hard workers, harm your own if you’d be that big ocean we all swim in. It makes no sense at all.

It does make a little sense to think this happens so we learn a lesson to make our Life more valuable. To embrace the people we meet along the way, whose Life has somehow mixed itself up with ours. It would also explain that, even if one Life ends and it affects another, it doesn’t necessarily affect every other Life on Earth.

The more I think about this, the more it feels like I am starting to see the real you, what you are like. Each of us has been given our own Life. We mix it up with others, maybe for a while, maybe forever, but it’s ours and ours alone.

You are a precious thing, Life, and not to be taken for granted. There’s no big you, there’s only the little parts each of us has been given, and we ought to appreciate that to the fullest.



How do you see life? Are we part of a bigger deal or do we each have our own purpose?
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Earworm Of The Week

Back in the days, when there were four, this song was hot! Today, it still gets played on the radio and it manages to get stuck in my head just the same. Oh no, no, no!

PS: I’ll reply to comments ASAP! The weekend’s been busy.