Light a Candle

Light a Candle

As April comes to an end it’s time to light a few more (digital) candles for those in need of our love, attention and prayers.

I’d like to dedicate April’s candle to, again, my sister and brother-in-law, as I got news yesterday their unborn has been given up. I cannot imagine their grief (I can barely understand my own), so this one is for them.

I also light this candle for my mother, who took a stand during her yearly post-cancer check-up and demanded a blood test, which indicated there’s maybe something wrong with her liver as well as her bone density.

I cannot take any more bad news, I think I’ve grown quite allergic to it, so I also – selfishly – light this candle for myself. The little mountain inhabitant in the video below perfectly describes how I feel inside.

Take care everyone, and let’s light some candles together to burn the last few hours of April down with love!

Who do you dedicate this month’s candle to?
Heart to Post

Wednesday Wisdom-Tile

There is no sorrow-free life; there will always be something to trouble our minds. The trick is not to hide from difficulties but to face them instead (pun! Dirk played Face on The A-Team).

Happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope your sorrows are small and your happiness is great 🙂

Status Update

Panda Bear With Me

Due to incredible busy-ness I have to take a step down from blogging. Which is just a fancy way of saying I have no idea how to stick to my own blogging schedule at the moment. I am experimenting a bit with what works for me, so please bear with me while I figure things out 🙂


Earworm Of The Week

This song always makes me happy for some reason. (It also helps there is a very easy and fun Dance Fitness dance on it!)

Hope you all have a good week. Make this last week of April count! 🙂


As Hobbies Come…

I am currently watching a Dutch show about people being stalked and I can’t help but wonder how much free time stalkers have. They’re always there! Do they ever leave? Don’t they have jobs to get to, mortgages to pay, personal hygiene to attend to? How come they have so much time to spend on making someone else’s life miserable?

I could never be a stalker. I am far too lazy. Plus the weather here won’t allow for stalking to be an enjoyable hobby: it’s always rainy or stormy. Or even freezing (temperatures dropped below zero again last night). 

Some people really need to find a healthier pastime, especially when they’ve apparently got so much free time on their hands…