Letters to Life

Letters to Life (25)

“Those who live today, make great memories for tomorrow”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

At the end of last year I set personal goals for 2018. One was to enjoy each day more than you’re used to, which I measure by, each evening, noting down whether my day was good, so-so, or bad.

I’ve noticed a steep incline in good days over the past two months. It’s something I am, naturally, happy about, but at the same time I am not sure where this sudden change comes from. Have I, unbelievingly, grown more positive without realising it? Or have my days indeed taken a turn for the better?

Is it a combination of both? Or something else entirely?

My always-in-overtime-brain is fed by the everlasting desire to Understand All And Everything, but somehow I suspect that the amount of good days noted down on my calendar has something to do with Letting Go.

I meditate three times a week and even if I fall asleep during a session, which annoys me beyond limits, I am no longer upset enough about it to get angry with myself.

My weekly chores list has been modified in a way that makes it more workable than before, and if I still cannot complete all the tasks on it I don’t even feel the urge to get upset any more.

I am happy my days seem to be improving quality-wise, Life, but I am even happier knowing that I am improving my view on the World around me. By living in the moment and letting go of annoyances I am finding harmony within myself.

Maybe the paper wisdom is true: learn to value today, as its memory will put a smile on your face tomorrow.

Good brings out good, it is contagious. It won’t extinguish bad days entirely, but it does help shrink their amount deeply.

Thank you, Life.

X, Samantha



7 thoughts on “Letters to Life (25)”

  1. Wonderful sentiments, Samantha. So nice to learn of your success. Are you aware of the Mark Twain quote – “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”

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