Light a Candle

Light a Candle

As this month is rolling to an end, it is time to light another candle for those who can use a little attention and positive energy.

For me, June’s candle is for a friend who’s seen her newborn grandson being taken into hospital for of an inflamation of his hands and fingers. Nearly a week old… He’s back home now, thank goodness, but he’s in my thoughts nevertheless.

I also burn this candle for all the refugees trying desperately to get into Europe and not being found welcome by… Well, basically any country. I can’t imagine being treated like that while stuck on a boat with hundreds of others, fleeing your home country in the hopes of making a better life somewhere else. Somewhere you’re, apparently, not even welcome. Life is too harsh sometimes.

Lastly, this candle is for all the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who were ripped apart by President Trump’s refugee policy. It’s tough enough to arrest people on the spot when they illegally cross your country’s borders, it’s an entirely different type of inhumanity to separate parents from their children to instill fear into their hearts, hoping they’ll never try to cross your borders again in the future. I hope they’ll all be reunited and safe eventually.

Who will you light this month’s candle for?

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