Letters to Life

Letters to Life (26)

“He who is sad without reason, has a reason to be sad”
– Random Paper Wisdom –

Dear Life,

I am not sad without reason, I am grumpy without reason! Following the logic of the wisdom-quote, I suppose I then have reason to be grumpy?

The thing is, here is Summer knocking on everyone’s door and due to some strange event the sun is actually out! And it’s hot! Like, walking-around-in-as-less-clothes-as-possible-and-burning-up-in-the-sun hot!

Maybe it’s you, Life, trying to soothe the majority of the Dutch’s ill feelings towards our country not attending the World Championships of football (soccer)? If so, double thanks to you, as I can definitely do without the craziness that usually accompanies this sporting event, and I enjoy the sun!

What is my reason to be grumpy, then? My health. Just as the sun pops out for a prolonged glance upon this little place of Earth I live on, I catch a cold. While everyone else is smelling the sweet scents of Summer, I am sneezing like a pro.

I don’t understand how one can catch a cold yet not throw it away. The latter would have been very helpful right now…

Instead, I pined away the past week, not working on the things I wanted to work on but wasting time on things I did not want to waste time on.

Although I did manage to burn through my copy of The Count Of Monte Cristo (which counts a whooping 875 pages), so I suppose there is some light at the end of this cold tunnel.

As the sneezes grow less and my voice stops sounding like the dead seal I’ve been imitating all week, I realise I, indeed, have no reason to be grumpy. I just needed some time off.

And you did not only give me that, Life, you also made sure I was able to enjoy it outside. In the sun.

Thank you!

X, Samantha

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