Letters to Life

Light a Candle

One small candle, such big meaning.

I would like to burn this month’s candle for my aunt D.. Or actually, for her daughter, D. My aunt recently phoned me (she never phones!) and was rambling. I couldn’t make any kind of spaghetti from it, but eventually I calmed her down by promising I’d call her daughter. Which I did. She told me my aunt has got Alzheimer’s and is rapidly slipping away mentally. Not a fun position to be in, but very difficult for my cousin as well as she is taking care of her mother all by herself. So this candle is for them.

I also light this one for my crazy sister T., who’s confided something to me she’s very anxious about. I hope things work out for her and I wish her all the strength, love and energy she needs to overcome her demons.

On a greater scale, I wanted to dedicate this candle to every survivor and victim of the forest fires in Greece. But then I saw on the news a few days ago there’s been forest fires in a lot more places, taking people’s lives everywhere. So, definitely not in ill humour, I burn this candle for everyone surviving or having found their end in the fires that have emerged in forests everywhere. I cannot imagine what you must have gone through and my heart and thoughts are with you.

Finally, this candle is for my deceased friend C. and her family. I recently had to buy a new phone and as I was installing it I noticed I lost all my old text messages. I had one saved from C. on my old phone… I couldn’t delete it, I wanted to savour it, but now it’s gone and I am upset about it.
On a brighter note, I keep hearing songs she loved on the radio, making me think about her a lot. And I am still in touch with her father, who even told me I am always welcome to visit him and his wife, as C. and I always called each other our “illegal sister”. So much, much love to C. in the afterlife!

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

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