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Share It Saturday

Share It Saturday is back, everyone!

Today, you can share anything you like on Heart to Follow, just link back to whatever it is you want to share with us in the comments. And when I say anything, I really do mean anything, from blog posts you’re proud of to pictures you’ve taken or people you admire!

As long as it’s something positive, you can share it on here today!

My Saturday share is a lovely photo collage of my current and past pets. You know, because I am a sucker for animals. And also because I won 5 free photo prints and what else to do with such a… peculiar prize.

I also want to share a link to Ben’s Bitter Blog 2. For some inexplicable reason, he lost access to his primary blog and had to start over. His posts are always extremely funny bitter, and they are very well worth to check out!

The best way to make this man more bitter is to pay a visit to his renewed blog and give him a good old follow.

Visit Ben’s Bitter Blog 2 here

What would you like to share today? Leave a comment with your link!

1 thought on “Share It Saturday”

  1. I see many people liking this post and that makes me happy. But is there anything YOU want to share with me!? Do it here! 🙂 Link back to your work or project or someone you think deserves a share!


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