Status Update

Status Update

Have I been busy! I’d nearly forgotten how stressful almost-graduating is! So much to finish up on before February the 10th.

And then I know I won’t even be getting my diploma, not until about April or so, because I am behind with ONE trial client. One!

Go figure.

But, I have made peace with it: I will just take a little bit more time to round things up. And that’s fine by me.

Meanwhile, I’ve come up with several new goals for 2018 (I reached every single one of my 2017 goals, despite the crappiness of that year! Go me!) and have made a good start with several of them.

I’ve also had some major pet-stress: I started with two gerbils, then one of them died. Then I got the remaining one a new friend, as gerbils are not supposed to be kept alone. At first things went well, then the new one started attacking the old one because there’s probably something wrong with him; he keeps tilting his head to one side and the vet says it could be anything: a chronic ear ache, a seizure, maybe even a growing tumour. So I kept them apart from each other for a while, then tried to re-couple them.

Then that didn’t work. Plus it also nearly killed the older one from stress. Not good.

Then I had to get a NEW new gerbil for the younger one, to be matched with. That, eventually, worked out (*knocks on wood*).

I am just tired of all this gerbil drama! So little, so cute, so fuzzy… And so difficult! :p

As for the rest: stress always makes my mind linger to bad past experiences and moments that made me sad. 2017, unfortunately, was filled with those kind of moments. But I refuse to let them overwhelm my brains even more than they have already done.

So to round this short status update up on a positive note (and I wrote this merely to show you all I am still alive): here is a Light a Candle picture, to celebrate all the good people I love and miss and who keep popping into my head lately. C, I, J: this one’s for you! And also for Loki, my sweetest crazy furball whose passing started all my pet-drama, but whom I love still.

❤ to you all!

Who do you honour by lighting this candle?

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely December time as well.

I am still very busy, but I also have some changes for DD in mind, so please (and again) bear with me.

As for now, I wish you all the best for this new year and will hit you with this super-old song to lift your spirits (if needed) and keep your motivation high for reaching all your goals this year!


(EDIT: !! Look at that make-up! :’))