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Light a Candle


It’s that magical day of the year again, where horror and scariness grab each other’s hands and roam the Earth. Well, most places on Earth, that is, as this holiday is nowhere as huge in the Netherlands as it is in other countries.

Still, this is the best holiday ever, because:


Yes! You read it right! Today, Halloween, is my birthday! And you hadn’t figured out yet why I am so twisted!? Muahaha >:)

Just kidding 😉 (or am I??)

I hope everyone has a great day today! 😀 And I’d like to share some of my birthday magic with you all, but especially with the following people. It is to them I dedicate this month’s candle:

My mother. I think she needs a lot more energy than she’s got nowadays, although I reckon it’s also her own fault for running around like a headless chicken on most days. She doesn’t know how to dose or balance her energy levels, leaving her exhausted on most nights.

My sister’s friend D.. This Monday, she started her third set of chemo therapy! I know this, because last Saturday she threw a Halloween Party and me and my parents got invited, too. I ended up talking to her for a while and I was surprised at how open she was about everything that had happened to her this year. I couldn’t do anything but give her a massive hug and just wish her the best. D.‘s got such a beautiful soul, she deserves all of our love and positive energy. So everyone, please help me to send loads her way!

And finally, let’s just get crazy, shall we? 😉 It IS Halloween, after all! As ghosts and demons walk among us today,  I burn this candle for everyone who’s ever hurt or deceived me, stabbed me in the back or thought they could get away with betraying me in some way. Everyone who strongly dislikes me or maybe even hates me or wishes the worst for me: this one is for you. Because if you can be as cruel as you have been to me, you must be in desperate need of some love and attention yourself. Bless your hearts, open them, and find positivity and love ❤

If you think this means I’ve (finally) forgiven you, then you are right 🙂

For everyone else out there: Happy Halloween to you! And happy birthday to me!

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

Have I got a heart warmer for you today! This one is so cute, beautiful and downright right that I had to share it with you all.

Meet Sphen and Magic, two male penguins at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium in Australia who love each other dearly:

If you think this is cute, wait until you hear the rest: Sphen and Magic have been together for a while and are a doting couple.

Another couple, consisting of a male and a female penguin, recently became parents of not one but two eggs! Unfortunately, these penguins can only raise one chick at a time. As an experiment, but also because Sphen and Magic have created their own nest but obviously can’t conceive, their trainers gave them the second egg of the other couple.

And Sphen and Magic are doing great as parents!

Love is universal and comes in many forms. But no matter how it reveals itself, it is always beautiful and heart warming to see. So this one is for Sphen and Magic and their newborn baby ❤

You can read more about this same-sex penguin couple here.

Letters to Life

Letters to Life (41)

“You know that all you give attention to will grow. Thus, you pay little attention to the negative moments in your life and put your energy in the positive things instead”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

You know how I struggle with my head, always thinking, always conjuring up new ideas or daydreams or plans. Always worrying! Even when I sleep, my mind works overtime. Sometimes so much so, that I wake up exhausted.

So when I visited the female astrologer again, the same one who drafted my birth horoscope last year, for a session about past lives, it didn’t surprise me one bit to hear that my soul has probably been busy acquiring knowledge and information for lives on end.

(By the way, does this mean I should start calling you Lives now, Life?)

This woman explained that our soul picks a theme (or a few) to work with and then spends multiple versions of you, Life, experiencing it from every angle. For instance, another theme my soul’s been busy with is betrayal. This could mean that in one life I betrayed someone, only to come back in another to be betrayed myself.

While she elaborated on this, I got goose bumps; this is exactly what my mother always taught me about reincarnation! When I told my astrologer about this, she laughed and showed me her chart: after spending so much time on learning and gaining wisdom, I was now ready to start feeling. Evolve my intuition, learn to trust my gut.

Or to sort-of-quote Billy Ocean: to get out of my head and into my car to do something fun.

To not be so rational all the time, but set my worries aside and find another source to retrieve inspiration from: my heart.

And while I was trying to be analytical about this, my body responded to these words immediately and I felt reassured.

Seems like my soul has already started to feel!

This visit left me with a warm glow and a happy distraction. Because, after all, it gave me plenty of food for thought.




(For those of you who have read my post Ratio versus Emotions – Heart One: think this is coincidence?)

What is your view on past lives and reincarnation?

Heart to Post

Ratio versus Emotions – Heart One (of Two)

“Rational thoughts never drive people’s creativity the way emotions do” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

During my college years, a professor in sociology once started a discussion: can human beings always be rational?

One of my fellow students believed we could and she was quite fierce about it (which, in hindsight, is pretty ironic). I said I believed human beings to be rational creatures, it is what sets us apart from animals, but that I thought it’s impossible to be rational about every single decision you make. Every single thing you do. Every single word you utter.

A few things then happened that were new to me:

a) Although she openly stated she disagreed strongly with me, I refused to alter my opinion. That was a first!

b) I was convinced of my point of view and felt I was right! Also a first! Because up until that point, I had thought I was a robot with no emotions whatsoever. And this verbal fight over who was right showed me I was very much capable of feeling emotions such as anger and frustration. And happiness, because:

c) Some people agreed with me! In fact, I think I had more people on my side than she had on hers. Not that it was a competition, but nobody ever seemed to agree with me before, so this was also a first and it felt good to be heard!

I think the final argument I won a few souls over with, was when I asked that other student if she was rational about everything she did. She answered yes.

I proceeded by theoretically putting her inside a supermarket and asking her if choosing a shopping cart was a rational decision. If choosing what coin to use to unlock it was a rational decision. If walking through the supermarket was a rational decision. If deciding between two different brands of the same item was a rational decision. If forgetting to buy something was a rational decision.

And so on.

Eventually, she stopped talking back and just looked at me with a murderous look in her eyes.

Not only had I, for the first time ever, out-argued someone, I had actually made this student, who always wanted to have the last word, shut up. And that in itself was a very impressive thing to accomplish!

Humans are rational beings. We are capable of planning and of thinking back to what happened in the past and learn from that. We can live in the here and now yet sometimes worry our socks off about what might happen in the future. That’s our ratio. It’s all in our heads.

But even someone like me, who over-thinks and over-analyses everything she encounters and experiences, cannot be rational all the time. That is because we are also emotional beings. We feel! Even when we think we don’t, we do!

And that is a good thing. Because our ratio might distinguish us from animals, it’s our emotions that set us apart from robots. It’s our passion that can drive us to unthinkable achievements and our love that can move mountains.

Do you feel me?




What do you think: are humans always rational?

End of Heart One
Ratio versus Emotions – Heart Two appeared on Thursday, November 8th

Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

As I was watching the news a few days ago, one story in particular caught my attention: a young girl in Poland had gotten into a coma after a dreadful accident.

However, she had been moved to the Budzik Klinik, a clinic that specialises in comatose young children. The clinic’s “magic” lies in constantly giving their patients attention and stimulation, and their success rate for recovery (aka waking up) is enormous.

The girl in the story had also woken up after having been in a coma for 6 months!

This news, following a long list of reports about terrible events and happenings all around the globe, really made me smile. Therefore, even if the clinic has been around for a few years already, the Budzik Klinik in Poland is my Heart Warmer this week.

Check out the video below of one of the founders or visit their website at http://www.klinikabudzik.pl/en/klinika/alarm-clock-clinic.

Have a good and heart warming week, everyone! 🙂