Status Update

A Quick And Sh*tty Status Update

Okay, so here I was, with a notebook nearly scribbled full with ideas, colour codes, image sizes, all ready to be used on Heart to Follow to create new content, introduce new sections and – hopefully – improve interaction with all of you.

Sadly, Life came in between. As usual.

Like it ever does anything else, right? 😉

So here is the deal: my pet gerbil Darwin is sick. You ought to know by now I am a huge animal lover and when there is something wrong with my pets I get upset and am known to nearly drown in worries.

Darwin has diarrhoea and a pretty bad case of it, too. Diarrhoea can be fatal for rodents and gerbils are no exception! Last Friday, I took my beloved furr-ball to the vet and since he refused to poop on her examination table as I had secretly expected he would, the doctor had little to go on but my sad stories. So, she sent me home, telling me to keep an eye on Darwin’s bowel movements for the weekend and if it hadn’t improved by Monday to bring back some gerbil-stool for her.

My poor little Darwin ❤

Monday came and Darwin’s situation had not improved. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still as happy as ever, it’s just that his diarrhoea hadn’t changed a bit. So off I went with some stool samples, neatly delivering them at the vet’s office. She said she’d take a look and get back to me ASAP.

ASAP was too slow for my likings and thus I phoned the vet myself (I mean, today Darwin’s hit a seven day diarrhoea streak! He’s losing weight and I am losing hope he’ll get better). Her assistant couldn’t tell me a lot, but promised to call me back ASAP.


In this case, though, ASAP was less than five minutes later. Turns out my vet had not forgotten about Darwin or his condition, as I was afraid she might, and had actually put his stool sample aside for 24 hours, drenched in some chemical substance, to test it for parasites.

Which is some sort of relief, but at the same time I am not less worried. Diarrhoea means loss of fluids and less nutritious intake. I see Darwin eating and drinking, but I know it is not enough to cover his losses.

So I hope the vet will ring me tomorrow to say she’s figured out what’s wrong with him and that she has a medicine ready for him.

Until then, this heart is drenched in sorrow.

And my stomach is cluttered with chocolate to cope with all of it 😉

Hope you (and your pets) are all doing well!

18 thoughts on “A Quick And Sh*tty Status Update”

    1. Well, the vet called to say he doesn’t have parasites but it’s nearly impossible to find out what then is causing his problems. He is as happy as ever and seems to improve. All I can do now is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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    1. Thank you, Tony. Actually, the vet called back today: she hadn’t found anything wrong with Darwin’s stool. So now it’s guessing what’s wrong with him, but it could be anything. He’s too small to put under surgery and his diarrhoea *seems* to improve, so… I’m just going to cuddle him lots and hopefully he’ll get better soon.

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