Letters to Life

Letters to Life (41)

“You know that all you give attention to will grow. Thus, you pay little attention to the negative moments in your life and put your energy in the positive things instead”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

You know how I struggle with my head, always thinking, always conjuring up new ideas or daydreams or plans. Always worrying! Even when I sleep, my mind works overtime. Sometimes so much so, that I wake up exhausted.

So when I visited the female astrologer again, the same one who drafted my birth horoscope last year, for a session about past lives, it didn’t surprise me one bit to hear that my soul has probably been busy acquiring knowledge and information for lives on end.

(By the way, does this mean I should start calling you Lives now, Life?)

This woman explained that our soul picks a theme (or a few) to work with and then spends multiple versions of you, Life, experiencing it from every angle. For instance, another theme my soul’s been busy with is betrayal. This could mean that in one life I betrayed someone, only to come back in another to be betrayed myself.

While she elaborated on this, I got goose bumps; this is exactly what my mother always taught me about reincarnation! When I told my astrologer about this, she laughed and showed me her chart: after spending so much time on learning and gaining wisdom, I was now ready to start feeling. Evolve my intuition, learn to trust my gut.

Or to sort-of-quote Billy Ocean: to get out of my head and into my car to do something fun.

To not be so rational all the time, but set my worries aside and find another source to retrieve inspiration from: my heart.

And while I was trying to be analytical about this, my body responded to these words immediately and I felt reassured.

Seems like my soul has already started to feel!

This visit left me with a warm glow and a happy distraction. Because, after all, it gave me plenty of food for thought.




(For those of you who have read my post Ratio versus Emotions – Heart One: think this is coincidence?)

What is your view on past lives and reincarnation?

5 thoughts on “Letters to Life (41)”

  1. Ah, more on intuition. So glad you are exploring that, Samantha. As I have aged, I have learned that is my strongest suit. Good luck with yours!

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    1. Thank you, Tony! I find that sometimes my intuition is very strong, but most of the times I push it away with my thinking. But I’d like to explore my intuition more.

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