Letters to Life

Light a Candle


It’s that magical day of the year again, where horror and scariness grab each other’s hands and roam the Earth. Well, most places on Earth, that is, as this holiday is nowhere as huge in the Netherlands as it is in other countries.

Still, this is the best holiday ever, because:


Yes! You read it right! Today, Halloween, is my birthday! And you hadn’t figured out yet why I am so twisted!? Muahaha >:)

Just kidding 😉 (or am I??)

I hope everyone has a great day today! 😀 And I’d like to share some of my birthday magic with you all, but especially with the following people. It is to them I dedicate this month’s candle:

My mother. I think she needs a lot more energy than she’s got nowadays, although I reckon it’s also her own fault for running around like a headless chicken on most days. She doesn’t know how to dose or balance her energy levels, leaving her exhausted on most nights.

My sister’s friend D.. This Monday, she started her third set of chemo therapy! I know this, because last Saturday she threw a Halloween Party and me and my parents got invited, too. I ended up talking to her for a while and I was surprised at how open she was about everything that had happened to her this year. I couldn’t do anything but give her a massive hug and just wish her the best. D.‘s got such a beautiful soul, she deserves all of our love and positive energy. So everyone, please help me to send loads her way!

And finally, let’s just get crazy, shall we? 😉 It IS Halloween, after all! As ghosts and demons walk among us today,  I burn this candle for everyone who’s ever hurt or deceived me, stabbed me in the back or thought they could get away with betraying me in some way. Everyone who strongly dislikes me or maybe even hates me or wishes the worst for me: this one is for you. Because if you can be as cruel as you have been to me, you must be in desperate need of some love and attention yourself. Bless your hearts, open them, and find positivity and love ❤

If you think this means I’ve (finally) forgiven you, then you are right 🙂

For everyone else out there: Happy Halloween to you! And happy birthday to me!

Who will you burn this month’s candle for?

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