Light a Candle

Light a Candle

There are many people in need of positive energy and love, so let’s help spread some by lighting another candle!

I’d like to light November’s candle for all the people, children especially, in Yemen who are starving. I know what they need is food and not my silly online candle, but the help organisations can’t get to them because of all the attacks that are happening on a regular basis. It’s impossible to get through and as a result many innocent people are now dying of hunger.

We live in 2018, people! How is it possible these things still happen? How is it possible I live in a country that throws away food when it’s past date and on the other side of the World children are dying from lack of nutrition?


I can’t send help in any other form but money, but I can send my love. It’s not much, but this candle is for all those poor souls out there, struggling to survive, and the ones we’ve already lost. ❤ ❤

In strong comparison to that sadness, I burn this candle for my niece, A., who’s just turned three. She really wants to be five, though, because she wants to be as big as her cousin and my nephew J.. A. is an adorable little bundle of too much energy, but luckily she received a toy vacuum cleaner so she can release some of her temper on toy-cleaning the house (which is an improvement, as she used to steal her mother’s vacuum – lol!).

Finally, I burn this candle for everyone who has Seasonal Affective Disorder and who, like me, is not taking the short days too well. We need a little extra light in this dark period of year, so here it is!

I hope you are all well! Let me know in the comments who you’ll burn this candle for 🙂




Who will you light November’s candle for?

Heart to Post

Know it by Heart

Whether you consider yourself to be young or old, there is no denying we go through life as pupils, since we grow and develop as we go.

Sometimes we seem to have a clear direction or objective, but sometimes we don’t. In my experience, it’s often during the latter that we truly learn about our own values and worth.

Therefore, I thought it’d be fun to pose the following question:

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself in your life so far?

For me, it is finding out how strong I am. 2015 and 2017 especially were years that involved countless of hardships for me, from losing friends to life as well as losing friends to death. Still, I managed to overcome all blows one by one, feeling their impact diminish with each attack. I once stated I think my shoulders are one of my best physical features, as they make carrying burdens seem like a piece of cake.

I am proud of my shoulders, of all that weight they used to carry and all the weight they still do. I am proud of how determined my brains are to never wash away whenever another wave of despair hits me full on and I think I am ready to give up – I never am!

I find solace in knowing I will always have my own back, come what may, and that I will not go down without a fight.

My strength surprised me as for many years I thought I was weaker than weak. But I am not.




What is the most surprising thing you found out about yourself?

Heart to Post

Heart Warmer

Oof! This week’s Heart Warmer is a special one. How many of us can say they’d do the same? I know I wouldn’t, but mainly because I lack the means.

Hunter Shamat lost his wallet on a plane when flying over to his sister’s wedding. Inside the wallet he had several bank notes and a cheque adding up to $140. For him, this was a lot of money as he was/is still paying off his college debt.

Thinking he’d never see his wallet or his money again, Hunter was more than pleasantly surprised when he received the lost item in the mail!

And not only had the founder of his wallet sent it back to its rightful owner, he/she had also included a note saying they’d taken the liberty of adding $100 to the wallet to “round up the amount of money inside.”

Hunter ended up saying “Luckily, there are more good people in the World than bad ones.”

His mysterious and honest benefactor deserves to be the Heart Warmer if you ask me! Imagine being so generous to someone you’ve never even met ❤

If you want to read more about Hunter’s happy surprise, go here.
Letters to Life

Letters to Life (43)

“I have a feeling of fulfilment on the end of every day and am satisfied with myself, because I know that material richness would otherwise have no value”Random Paper Wisdom

Dear Life,

Last week, I felt anything but satisfied with myself. I kept burdening myself with tasks and felt I was failing them all.

Normally, I am eager to tick off things from my personal to-do lists as this gives me great sensations of pleasure. I always figured if something this small can make my heart feel that big, I must be a happy person.

Turns out I am not.

December is lurking around the corner and it’s a busy month for me, as I reckon it is for a lot of people. Birthdays, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, Christmas… So much to plan, so much to do, and so little time!

Owing up to my schedules making me unhappy was a tough thing to do, but last week you also made me realise I do not do well when the days get shorter, Life. Which is a huge thing to confess for someone who considers herself an Autumn-lover pur sang.

Turns out I am not.

I love the colours of the Fall leaves, the smells, the fruits and harvests of this wonderful season. I don’t even hate Daylight Saving Time, as sometimes it prolongs my birthday by an hour, giving me 25 hours of personal joy!

But the days getting darker and the nights becoming longer is breaking my spirit a little. I feel it in my heart, Life. It’s not doing any good for my mood.

To make sure I will be happy again at the end of each short day, I plan less things to do, take more time for myself and I bought Saint John’s Wort pills, to boost my mood a little.

And that boost is what I need to appreciate you again, Life. Because when you’re unhappy, that’s all you can see and you’re blind to everything else.




Saint John’s Wort is known for its (supposed) positive effect on negative thinking and is sometimes referred to as the “Natural Anti-Depressant”. However, using it is not without risks, so be careful! They are not wonder pills! Please check this link to learn more about Saint John’s Wort.
I feel it works for me and I can already sense a slight shift in my mood, although I do more to improve my spirits than just take pills.
Heart to Post

Planning versus Relaxing – Heart One (of Two)

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”Alan Lakein

Planning is in my blood: I love it! I can’t help it, but being organised is my quickest road to instant happiness. Ticking off tasks on my to-do lists always make positive sensations run through my body and, mostly, my brains. Go endorphins!

So why have I been feeling down lately? How come none of my chores seem achievable? Have I suddenly lost my planning-spark?

My obsession for being extremely organised entered my life during my depression. I was in therapy and my psychologist advised me to find something to do that would give me instant gratification in the form of a direct visual result.

So I started cleaning my room.

Before this, my room used to be a total mess! I was notorious for keeping opened presents strewn all over my bedroom floor for months, leaving only a small path from my bed to the door.

But after that little one-on-one with my therapist, I decided the most fruitful way of taking this new challenge on was by cleaning my room. And what did I find! Apart from a lot of clutter and dust, I noticed a figurative weight got lifted off my shoulders.

Since keeping my room clean helped me keep my head clear, I quickly linked being tidy to being happy.

My personal mantra became: “If my room is tidy, so is my head.” I kept this up for some years and eventually went overboard: everything had its own place and if the position of an item was even a smidgen off, it had to be corrected immediately. All labelled items suddenly had to face label forward or I’d not be able to forget about it. And so on.

I started to drive myself crazy, then, like spreading a virus, drove everyone else crazy by moving through people’s homes and putting everything in order there, too. MY order.

I was finally able to recognise I had a problem when I got home from Ireland four years ago and my parents had had the first floor re-carpeted. Meaning all items from my room had been removed and later put back.

Of course, nothing was in its correct place! It was nearly midnight and I was exhausted from my travels, but still I couldn’t sleep until I had restored order in my room.

That was then. Today, I am doing much better. Or so I thought.

Because even if I am no longer obsessed with where my belongings are to the centimetre exact, I do plan too much. I forget about spontaneity and get upset when I am unable to finish my daily, weekly or monthly chores.

I still get a kick out of ticking off tasks, but I feel I need more time to release. Not everything is set in stone and it is okay if I don’t plan what I want or feel I MUST do for every minute of the day.

I need to relax more.

So that’s what I plan to do 😉




Are you a planner or do you take it day by day?

End of Heart One
Planning versus Relaxing – Heart Two will appear on Thursday, December 6th

…Or WILL it? 😉